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The Jam - Happy Together

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Thought that I would hurt you?
Heaven knows that's not my style
And that I would let you
Walk away without at least goodbye

You shouldn't let those feelings fool you -
You shouldn't let those feelings get you down

We're happy together now - feeling you close to me baby
Happy til the end of time
(I keep on holding, I keep on hoping...)

Thought that I was the devil?
But I'm an angel waiting for my wings
And I was out to hurt you
But I've no wish to ever cause you pain

Cause there's enough in this world of sorrow
I've no wish to add some more of it
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Polydor Ltd (UK)


Released in: 1982

Language: English

Appearing on: Fire and Skill (2015) , The Gift (1982) , Direction Reaction Creation (1997)

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