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The Jam - Away From The Numbers

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Things are getting just a bit too cosy for me;
I see people how they see me
Gonna break away and gain control
You free your mind, you free your soul

I was the type who knocked at old men;
Who together at tables sit and drink beer;
Then I saw that I was really the same,
So this link's breaking away from the chain.

Away from the numbers - away from the numbers
Is where I'm gonna be -
Away from the numbers - is where I am free

And I'm sick and tired of my little niche,
Gonna break away and find what life is

And all those fools I thought were my friends
They now stare at me and don't see a thing;
Till their life is over and they start to moan
How they never had the chance to make good
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Author: Paul Weller

Composer: Paul Weller

Publisher: Universal Music Operations Ltd.


Released in: 2015

Language: English

Appearing on: Fire and Skill (2015) , Fire and Skill (2015) , In the City (1977) , Direction Reaction Creation (1997) , Gold (2005)

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