The Drones

The Drones - The Miller's Daughter lyrics

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You see the miller's daughter
She's dancing with the boys
The poor thing's lost her garter
Somewhere in the noise

She got eyes choking in her head
Like the stub end of cigarettes
Tall as a gallows'gallowesque
Dress the same colour as your last sunset
Near enough to make you scared
Distant as the electric chair
The freedom in the loot's as near
As the prosecutor's proof is clear
See the miller's daughter
She's dancing with the boys

She got legs as long as gun barrels
And hips built like a stock
See the miller's daughter boys
The pine box blonde bitch Beelzebub
Life is teething'.teething's cruel
Dying's easy
It's a slaver standing on the
Fresh aired side of leaving
You see the miller's daughter
And she's dancing with the boys

I said Dr-Destouches
I got disease in this place
An immaculate contraction
But still a typical case
I said Dr-Destouches
I hardly got her knickers low
And they tangled her legs like spider webs
I woke in fever when the rooster crowed
See the miller's daughter??
She's dancing with the boys
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