The Drones

The Drones - The City lyrics

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I came form the desert
Where for miles you could see
Where the weight of the space
Blurred your waking and dreaming
And if a stranger appeared at a distance it seemed
I was helpless as someone was walking
Right through me
Why'd I get on that train?
Where came my money?
It came in a letter that was perfumed and sweet
The smell of which rekindled
All my long lost feelings
Next time I'm locking out a feeling
I'll be ditching that mother fucking key
For keeps

Well I went where the people
They walk like statues
I got climbing up a stairwell in the gloom
Number 14 stank of flowers and cruelty
And the air was so hued
It was like through an ocean
I was steering
And sure enough she steered me
Where she wanted me to
And if you'd seen her my friend
I recon you'd agree too
She does for lovin' what a war does for truth
Here come the lies
By land and by sea
Raining down metal
Chambers awaking from sleep

We went deep into winter
Sleep rolled me like waves
While she kept a vigil
On her house like a maze
I should have beat her or killed her
Or just ran away
But she held me together
Just long enough
To keep me deranged

Well I've been living in a shelter
That is far from pretty
You gotta wonder why I stayed here in the city
Where the clouds full of concrete
And you're dead on your feet
It all comes down to a simple convenience
You come as you go
Stay as you leave
I came from the desert where for miles you can see
To this 8 by 10 room
A tab of morphine
Getting lost in yourself is that much easier
Where the scrapers point skywards
Like guns pointed out to sea
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