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The Drones - Stop Dreaming lyrics

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It aint like you saw it coming
It aint like you were all there
In that space between chance and trying
There aint much time to get things straight
I've seen you beat yourself to stupor
And I've seen you sleeping late
You got a right to say times have worn you down
But don't be heavier than they

You should get your shit together
You should really have a try
Cause that sun it also rises
And you'll look like shit man
When you meet that light

You and most no one else
Don't get along too well
And you'd like to think that you can't
But there's a stranger I know wants to meet you
He's got the same name as yours and he's wearing your pants

You should get your shit together
You should really have a try
You'll be waking up old
By a stranger so cold
And that's no way nobody
Be needing to go

Stop dreaming and get on
Stop dreaming and live on

There is still something left
Beneath the ribs in your chest
Your just in need of some reminding
It aint all about loss and a loneliness
There's a time and a place
For a grown man to cry
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