The Drones

The Drones - Shark Fin Blues lyrics

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Standing on the deck watching my shadow stretch 

The sun pours my shadow upon the deck 

The waters licking round my ankles now 

There ain't no sunshine way way down 

I see the sharks out in the water like slicks of ink 

Well, there's one there bigger than a submarine 

As he circles I look in his eye 

I see Jonah in his belly by the campfire light 

See the albatross up in the windy lofts 

He gets to beating his wings while he sleeps it off 

I hear the jettisoned cries from his dreams unkind 

Gets to whippin' my ears like a riding crop 

The captain once as able as a fink dandy 

He's now laid up in the galley like a dried out mink 

He's laying dying of thirst and he says or I think 

Well, we're gonna be alone from here on in 

Well you are all my brothers, and you have been kind 

But what were you expecting to find? 

Now your eyes turn inwards, countenance turns blank 

And I'm floating away on a barrel of pain 

It looks like nothing but the sea and sky remain 

I sing na na nana nananana na 

Na na nana nananana na 

A harpoon's shaft is short and wide 

A grappling hook's is cracked and dry 

I said, why don't you get down in the sea 

Turn the water red like you want to be? 

Cause if I cry another tear I'll be turned to dust 

No the sharks won't get me they don't feel loss 

Just keep one eye on the horizon man, you best not blink 

They're coming fin by fin until the whole boat sinks 

Fin by fin 

Fin by fin 

Fin by fin by fin by fin
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