The Drones

The Drones - Henry Ford lyrics

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I don't mean to leave you feeling defeated
Nobody needs to be found out
All I wanted for you was to see the evening
With it's paper streets
I pulled my G.M.H. or Henry Ford
Up to the gutter
It was midnight and you weren't so troubled then
I said that nobody needs to be found out
Immunity for me has always meant the road
I've made good time
I never meant to harm
So turn out your lights and I won't know
You got a real nice place
And for a while I thought that I might stay
You breathed me in
And let a perfect stranger thin your sheets

I've got a few loose ends outside of town
If all goes well I'll see you round
But if I don't you got my photograph
You can sell it to the papers
You don't need to know what I gotta do
Or what the people say
Cause it ain't true
I got a friend he'll send you
Something in the mail
And if a plainclothes meets you at your door
Asking about a name that you ain't heard before
Try to understand you meant the world to me
Just tell him you ain't seen my face before
Even if he got a little proof
You'll need your freedom now to remember me
The way I want you to

And lord I hear a motor running
And lord I see those headlamps shining
And lord I feel my heart is sinking
Lord my ride
Is waiting outside for me
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