The-Dream - Shawty You A 10! 4 lyrics

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(feat. Fabolous, R. Kelly, Jermaine Durpi, Trey Songz)

Shawty Is The Shh Shh Shh Shh Suga Honey Ice-Tea
Prettiest one I see
Lil Mama Icy
They say she a Pisces
I heard they are Fiesty
You Know how to treat her she'll be sweeter then A Hi-C
Clean up very Nicely
Shoes are kinda Pricy
Match'em up Precisely
Dio jeans nice tee like her food Spicy
And She Is Tha Same
Hotter then a flame... but I do not no her Name
Is It Keisha? Is It Tiesha?
Maybe Lisa, Or Teressa,
It Could Be Tia, Maybe Aaliyah,
I Guess I'll Find Out One Day Before That
I'm a Say

Allow me to re-introduce myself
{I got a surprise for ya'll}
It's the American Dream from the A...
I'm with my big homie Kellz

[R. Kelly:]
Well, shawty listen. It's the remix
No other than, your boyfriend, Kellz
And we roll up to the club like "aye"
And we all up in the club like "aye"
Tell security to move the ropes back
Let the chicks in, we in the VIP poppin' bottles.
Man I'm off that patron, clownin and carryin on
I'm so drunk that ugly girls look like supermodels
However I'm in the building, and I'm ballin how a baller do
So many honeys in the building, ya'll know I'm playin it how a player do
I walk up to one girl, and she's got her friend with her
Peppin to a real... baby I'm a go getta
The girl I meet got a nice booty
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