The-Dream - Iv Play lyrics

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[Hook x2: The-Dream]
I can give a fuck about the IV play
I want it now
I'm talkin straight sex
Stop fuckin around
[Verse 1: The-Dream]
None of these bitches aint got nothing on you hunny
Body bumpin, im just saying, im all open on you
Oh baby you are, I dunno whatah
First call dont get ya, hang up and call back
I'm just sayin' I dont wanna lose a second win
Cause baby
[Bridge: The-Dream]
You make me feel alive
You make me feel alive
Sweet as paradise
Baby you don't know how you make me feel
Cant wait to paralize
I cant wait to get in all your baby
I wont waste your time
You know what I need so lets get straight to it
[Hook x2]
[Verse 2: The-Dream]
Early morning Im so horny
I just had it, still I want it
Ride up on it whenever you come around
And I cant stop thinking what Im gonna do
As soon as I set these eyes on you
And you know I'm not playin' listen to what I'm sayin'
Girl you dominate my thoughts
Cause baby
[Hook x2]
[Bridge2 x2]
Yeah, like that shit do that shit make a nigga crazy
Do it out in public and the back of this Mercedez
Don't stop talkin' straight when you start procrastinatin', pro-procrastinating
[Verse 3: The-Dream]
Dont tell me what you dont do, dont tell me what your gon' do
Tell me you gon' set it off all night
Every time she sees me she like ooh boy you so freaky
I'm like ooh girl you so freaky
I don't deserve you, I know
But I'm gon' serve you, fo sho
Goin mad off on her
Smoke in the air faded
Half on her
Smoke in the air got a nigga faded
Bitch you got a nigga faded
[Bridge2 x2]

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