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The Dayton Family - Shadows lyrics

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(gong sound, people talkin in the background)



I'm ready to tell you my secret now

I see dead people, but they don't know that they're dead

And sometimes, when it get real cold, that means they're mad


Can't goto sleep I hear a beat it sounded just like feet

Jump off my seat see they hit my window cause I gots the beat

I seen a shadow pullin cattle from a early battle

I seen this snake up in my shoe and all I heard was rattle (rattle sound)

Picked up the phone and it exploded like a fucking bomb

I'm seeing shadows biting me like they was Jeffery Dahm

So many clicks, so many crews, trying to blow my fuse

So many shadows in my yard that I feel abused (gong sound)

I'm hearing voices in my head and I can see a tread

I'm seeing scores, a pitbull and he's smellin dead

Slipped on my slippers, the ones with the chromed zippers

Knocked out a shadow in my room, all these Jack the Rippers

I fight with tigers, the shadows say they're Michale Myers

Just like Jack Nickleson played the Wolf I hear my neighbors driers

All this pain in my brain make me go insane

I'm hearing chains, and tracks, and running trains (train runnin, gong sound)

Alot of these soldiers in my kitchen with they bloody blades

No hands, no knives, Just bodies and their hand grenades

I started ducking, them soldiers started bustin at me

Flashbacks when I was 2 father hollered at me

Hearin whistles the click from pistols got me live annoyed

Past beef won't let me rest I live like sleepy Froyd

All these songs in my head and can't nobody tattle

Last night I killed 2 more, here comes another shadow (echos, gong sound)



We all walkin in the valley of the shadow of death

So concentrate on your family, friends and loved ones

Because you never know when there's a shadow



Shadooooow, every time I turn around there's a shadooooow

Though I walk through the valley of a shadooooow (gong sound)

Life's too short to take for granted fearing shadooooow

I can't take this pain I'm feeling from these...


Woke up hopped out the bed this morning, felt somebody watching

Opened my door no one was there I swear I hear'em knocking

Cockin my pistol cuz' I'm paranoid and ?in a zone?

Somebody said whip me, but I know I'm home alone (gong sound)

Jumped in the shower, trin' to wash away this eary feeling

Walked out my bathroom seeing shadows dancing on the ceiling

Put on my clothes, and smoked a cigeratte, and brushed my grill

My pitbull Puppy barking at so what I know ain't real (dogs barking)

Turned on my T.V. watching CNN, I heard a BOOM (explosion)

2 shadows having sex, I hear'em fucking in my room

Exit my residence the only face's a gust of wind (wind whistling)

Too hard for wind, a shadow's what it must have been

Ain't no such things ?as ghosts?, I'm tripping dawg and I know it

Walked towards my car, the horn went off, a shadow had to blow it (car horns)

I need a drink to think and sort out all these weird events

I killed a man, my lifes been haunted ever since

I can't believe the shit I'm seeing turning up my bottle

I keep my eyes and I'll rip you, I swear I'm being followed

Can't goto sleep at night unless I take a sleeping pill

Reflections in the mirror, fucking with my head for real (gong sound)

I never thought there was nothing wrong with how I think

Until my momma told me: Leg, go see a shrink

All these songs in my head and can't nobody tattle

Last night I killed 2 more, here comes another shadow




I thank God every mourning when I wake up

Cuz you never know when you're gonna walk out your front door

and get murdered in your driveway

So I'll be tellin you this: keep your mind on your family, friends, and foes

Cuz most niggas is hoes (gong sound)

and they shoot you cuz you bawlin more than they is

So stay out them ?whole? in the warclubs

Nigga show love to your family and friends

And get your ass.....fuck'em


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