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Nutty nigga Shoestring havin' problems

Doctors on my dick, but none of them hoes can help me solve 'em

I used to be on corners with niggas pushin' dope sacks

Now I'm in the bathroom finding my nose in the Pereaubian packs

My brothers on his feet, plus he fronted me an O-Z

Stuck his ass up, popped him in his chest and took his key

Prices of the asses of the hoes are my opponent

I gun you bitches down and now yo' niggas run and want it

But I'm packin' something fo' you hoes in America

Demon's in my body and he's tellin' me to bury ya

Kickin' niggas doors in

Makin' niggas panic

Psycho ass get beat with a stick, I'm a schizophrenic

Is this shit real? Or is a nigga dreamin'?

When I fall asleep I find myself fighting a demon

I said

Is this shit real? Or is a nigga dreamin'?

When I fall asleep I find myself fightin a demon


Heres a little story how it goes

Razor blade and mirror

Hit the flake and then I'm froze

So yo, I got that beef and I'm a gangsta' so come get you some

I hit the Pereaubian flake and now my nose in numb

Here comes some punks

They took my blow, thats when I popped them hoes

Cut off they nose, and took a shit

And play games with they toes

You piss me off, I know my shit and scream assassination

Now my prescriptions feelin fair, I keep my medication

Walked in the health department and said, this is a fuckin' raid!

Blue Cross please POW! (gun shot) Bitch that is my medicade

See I'm a psychopath, annoyed is how this niggas feelin'

I popped the doctor, took his keys, and grabbed his penicillin

See I'm a addict takin' drugs, that give me quite a thrill

Diana Ross and lady's sing the blues got me poppin' pills

But it get worse, the devil got me under a spell

I'm not a angel I'm a flame comin' straight from hell

You say I'm not real hittin' up, now how the fuck do you figga?

Now, you don't understand, I'm too deadly to be took out nigga

Sittin' up in my crib feelin' bored

Can't go outside and increase my loot

'Cause it's a motherfuckin' thunder storm

Peoples being killed by the fuckin' tornado

But I didn't run, I'm sittin there loot is at my table

Houses bein' swept up!

Churches bein' crushed in!

Hearin' babies screams as they chests is bein' mushed in!

Everybodys dead, and thats the end of the tornado

Only thing left is Shoestring, his loot and his table

Lunitic, maniac, plus myhands on the fuckin' trigga

Heeney you

Heeney who?

Heeney Dog is a nutty nigga!

(CHORUS) 4 times

Nutty Nutty Niggas

Nutty Nutty

Nutty Niggas

Cocaine and Mescaline

Robbin' houses on halloween

I'm a crook with a 44

Chasing masks, I'm a killin' fiend

Blood and that ready water makes me fiend for another vic

So I went to the 50 acres to find me a victim to trick

Victim was spotted, realizin' the spot was hot

I bust 3 shots, Left him bleedin' in Meyers parkin' lot

Cocaine makes my nose numb

So I wanna jack us some

Got 2 razor blades

Stinky pants and my hand gun

Now on my front doe'

On a mission to get my blow

I can oot a key,

But knowin' me I'ma still want some mo'

Called up my brother Eric

Yo T, they said lets win it

'Cause they knew a soft house 

With some hoe niggas workin' in it

Since my name's I-R-A

I thought of the get-away

We walk through the door

I shoot the workers, you niggas get the yay

It was a Saturday night

The Jack didn't flow right

I'm mad and were bustin' like balloons in a water fight

Had to blast 3 hoes

Blood on my fuckin' clothes

Nose done froze

'Cause we got away with four O's

Now at a house party, they're staring at this fuckin' crook

My little brotha E said, "Fuck it let them bitches look"

Casualties of war, "What the fuck you niggas starin' for?"

We can take this bullshit out the basement through the fuckin' door

Them hoes was 20 deep

But still we weren't comin' weak

Me, E and Young T

Yo bitches we never sleep

We came out bustin' and them bitches couldn't fade me

Yo, what about yo friend?

They had me thinkin' 'bout T.L.C

Ira's a killa and sniper

Protected by Viper

My two year old son walks around with O's in his fuckin' diaper

Grew up old fashioned, my grand-daddy taught me to kill

High off that coco plant, now my body won't sit still

Now I got this murder wrap

For peelin' some bitches cap

Locked in the penn both physically and mentally trapped

Made a shank with a kitchen spoon

Flash backs of my cousins boom

Had to kill two fags fo' tryin' to stick me in the bathroom

I'm crazy as fuck, when I'm pullin the fuckin' trigga 

Ira who?

Ira you 

Ira Dorsey's a nutty nigga

(CHORUS) 4 times
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