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The Cure - Dressing Up lyrics

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Going under slowly
It never seems too late
Going under so slow

Dressing up to kiss
I'm dressing up to touch all this

I'm dressing up to dance all week
I'm dressing up to sleep

Dressing up to kiss
Dressing up to be all this

I could eat your face
I really could eat all of you
Oh, this night will never let me go

Going under slowly
Never seems too late
Going under slow
You'll pick me up again
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Author: Robert Smith

Composer: ?

Publisher: Fiction Records Ltd.


Released in: 1984

Language: English

Appearing on: Swinging Crowds , Facepaint (1995) , The Swing Tour '96 Barcelona Disc Two (1996) , Cure Carnival (1996) , Full Moon Concert (1990) , The Top (1984)

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