The Almighty

The Almighty - 8 Day Depression lyrics

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I can never understand this thing called needing
Why do we always love the wrong people?
I read it in the paper before I knew
Coz they never gave me a name and I was sure it wasn't 
I just went numb tried to hold on something
When it comes down to everything we got nothing
[Pre chorus]
So how the hell are you supposed to feel
We can't give you anything
Little Taylor cried before she was born
Fighting for the chance just to be someone
We keep apologizing for things we should have done
Seems you never know what's real until it's gone
[Pre chorus]
Get me out, get me out
Get me out of this 8 day depression
Feeling useless and nothings helping
Get me out of this 8 day depression
[Pre chorus + chorus]
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