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Take That - Promises lyrics

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Standing back I can`t believe how you`ve led me on 
And judging by the things you say 
There`s gotta be something wrong 
What you telling me that for you don`t mean it 
What you telling me that for I don`t believe it 
Your promises have never been anything you made them seem 
So what you gonna promise me this time 
You`re telling lies so plain to see, you`re trying to make a fool of me 
So what you gonna promise me this time 
I wanna know 
Seems that I`ve been playing your game 
And how you think you`ve won 
But when you count up what you`ve gained you`re the lonely one 
[CHORUS x 2]
I`ll never know 
What you telling me for. [ETC]
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Author: Graham Stack, Gary Barlow, G. Barlow, G. Stack

Composer: ?

Publisher: BMG Records (UK) Ltd.


Released in: 1992

Language: English

Appearing on: I Found Heaven (1992) , Greatest Hits (1996) , Take That & Party (1992) , Take That & Party (extended) (1992) , Forever...Greatest hits (2002) , Never Forget - The Ultimate Collection (2005) , The Best Of (2001)

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