T-rock - Posted Up lyrics

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[Chorus x2]

We posted up! We posted up from the front to the back

We posted up! We posted up blowing blunts by the packs

We posted up! We posted up with a trunk full of gats

We posted up! We posted up nigga you know where we at


I keep my money stash in the cellar

My life is crucial more suspense than a Stephen King seller

Beretta for chedda the bravest rebel living clever

I'll suffer you fellas go get the bullets off the dresser

Never snitch under investigation

Loud mouths can suffocate with no resuscitation

I'm in a Caprice with my player partners smoking mean and drinking Vodka

This is the continuation of the saga running like lava

Gunning and robbers I'm blunted with mobsters

Packing choppers so sophisticated still a shortstopper

Constantly a dope clocker to presidentials

Bitches run up get their vital organs this the symbol

Even my mental is a rebel longer level more psychotic than the devil himself

Resting with death until no vessels is left

Betraying ruthless get 'em bat 'em toothless

Checking and undisputed when I spew it to refuse it, we posted up!!

[Chorus x4]


Crashed and so called assassin afraid I'm blasting

Axes and hatchets where the drama with the tightest clashing

There's no compassion in the trail of tears

Drive bys and robberies I been dwelling in ATL for years

I slang hand to hand no procrastination

Worser than Candyman off of Final Destination

Blow it all up like Pakistan soldier desperation

Wipe 'em out like an avalanche no investigation

With slaying my customers exclusive

This for the players in the palms long out secluded

Whatever ruthless top of the line with shit that we grind like on the line

Glock and the nine doing the crime watch out for mine

Status superb assassins submerged stack up the bird

Attics I serve for trying the herb stacks like I serve

Move around from twelve making sells for mail

It's all about cash clienteles supplying prevailed

[Chorus x2]


I had no time for hiding too busy surviving

The way of life is adultered to death people coniving

Witness the evil rising alone my blood pressure

On to bring a suicide letters a test to be clever

Want me twisted on the stretcher too explicit for the chedda

This is for getting better now I'm gifted with Berettas

Since it wasn't for this rapping God blessing me with presidents

God is my witness I mass up and run in your residence

Come with no hesitance like a thief in the night

And frozen movie scripts G's who lived a secreted life, I said it

Bitches pathetic riding dick for the credit

Y'all out of hot or cold lukewarm niggaz and get ejected

Operation locked down glock rounds ecetera

Call it a cancellation gullotine's for head of cha

On my square I never moved from it

On a planet with sinisters snitches and fools run it ebonic and blunted..

[Chorus x2]
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