T-rock - My Little Arm lyrics

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Say dog, damn, what the fuck wrong with your arm

That motherfucker all small and shit

Damn, can you move that motherfucker?

Why you just spinning that little metal piece around

That's all you can do with that shit?

[Chorus x4]

It's my little arm, yeen know? It doesn't work, yeen know?

And it won't fit, yeen know? Inside my shirt, yeen know?

[T-Rock imitating DJ Paul]

Damn T-Rock, why the fuck you gotta clown my arm and shit man?


Cause nigga, that's how the fuck it is

And I'm telling everybody on how Lil Pat made all your beats

Lil Pat made this beat, Lil Pat I'm finna rock this shit

This how it's supposed to be


Ain't nan nigga outbussing me

Every single opposition gone suffer defeat

I'ma show you niggas what is a G

When the funk jump off, bullethole put a slug in your knee

Cause I'ma aim at your chest and neck

Now you living off of life support, like check to check

Every nigga try to flex I wreck

Push a nigga mind back, with the Tek, try to recollect

But he can't, laying in the pain, his rank, can't spit game

Try to be above a mack and get shamed

I'm throwing niggas off the plank, and get plank

Gone off of drank and dank

So gone on with the hype talk

I'm with a click of motherfuckers bringing gats to a knife's talk

I'm on point like a tight walk

When a slug get to spraying, make his 12s turn the lights off

I'll leave them stuck like starch nigga

See the gats gone spark nigga, aimed at your heart nigga

Ripping you apart nigga, I'm on point too sharp nigga

You be diminished by a hard nigga

All about the change, on the grind for the sacks and green

Saving full of drugs, like sacks of green

Motherfuckers get wrong, I'ma leave a nigga gone

In the wind, caught him slipping like vasoline

Pull the hammer back, aiming at your spleen

Niggas better get saved, and confess to king

When you fucking with the Rock, niggas busting at your spot

So you better be on point with your vest and beam

Better get life insurance like Mr.Serv

Do a lyrical murder by using gift of words

When I pull the hammer back, I'ma lay a nigga flat

Niggas flipping CDs, like I flipped a bird


So it's your little arm that doesn't work huh?

Ha ha, what's up with Juicy? I guess he just a gay motherfucker

Well, you know what I'm saying, honestly

I'd rather have a small arm, than just be a gay ass nigga

But then again both of you motherfuckers gay!

Bunch of gay ass niggas

Rest of y'all niggas in Three Six, y'all niggas better leave the click

Before they have y'all niggas trying to convert and shit

Yea nigga, that's what happens when you fuck with the real nigga

You exploit me, you diss me nigga, I'm at you motherfuckers nigga

I'm exposing all the demons, all the truth

Everything I'm saying on this motherfucking record is the truth nigga

All you niggas thinking I'm just trying to make y'all laugh

And I know it's funny as a motherfucker, yea

Cause them some funny ass, bitch made, faggot ass niggas

But all that shit true

Fuck Three Six, and fuck that small arm ass nigga

He aint nothing but a bitch

Fuck that fucking gay wrassler ass nigga

He the biggest bitch of them all

Nigga, Vampire in Memphis ass nigga, like my nigga

J-Love said

Nigga fuck y'all motherfuckers nigga

All you gone do is wait for your motherfucking brother

to get out of jail and shit

[T-Rock imitating Juicy J]

Wait til' Project Pat get out of Jail

Wait til' Project Pat get out of Jail


What about that nigga?

He locked up right now nigga, and I'm fucking you niggas up!!

Fucking your ass in the game

Telling everybody about all the bullshit you was pulling

I bet won't nann nigga, nann civilized nigga, sign with y'all punk asses

Cause your motherfucking beats ain't worth all that nigga

I'll keep jacking y'all punk ass

Whenever I hear a beat, and you ain't rocking it right nigga

I'ma jack your motherfucking ass

Oh yea, Lil Pat made the shit anyway

Lil Pat making all the motherfucking beats

You niggas taking all the recognition

I say Lil Pat walk in the studio

And blast all you bitch made motherfuckers one day

Then he wouldn't be in the wrong, cause that's what I wanted to do

But instead, I left you hoe ass niggas

Cause you fuck with me nigga, I'm at you

I'll be done fucking, fucked one of you niggas up in the quickness nigga!!

So whatever...you thinking I'm talking

You think I'm just talking shit nigga, run up nigga!!

Cause I'm packing mine nigga

You get your ass blasted off the planet fucking with me nigga!!

Area 51 for life!
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