T-rock - Livin' In The Ghetto lyrics

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[Verse 1]

We went from kings and queens, to prostitutes and murderers

The angels with the Book of Life never even heard of us

How can we regenerate our salvation?

Some niggaz worshippin' the weed we blazin', my cheddar cheese chasin'

For money they live as sacrificial lambs

A life diminished over grams and the government don't give a damn

So I keep a gat on my waistline to blast snitches

Empty the clip and don't waste time for cash riches

A robbery gone sour we split his wig

And the victim was a family man with six kids

It's a dirty game, a twisted lottery in poverty

A firearm is the only sense of technology

It's surely a shame for crumbs we blood spill

But by law of God under no circumstance shall niggaz kill

Yet it's still with my comrades, I'mma let my gun blast

Breakin' for cash clutchin' fast to my crumb stash


I'm livin' in the ghetto, it's so hard livin in the ghetto

Livin' in the ghetto, livin' in the ghetto

Livin' in the ghetto is hard

Livin' in the ghetto's hard, hard, so hard

[Verse 2]

If I abandon my bad habits and don't live as a mad savage

I'd live abundantly out-running my early casket

Times are tragic on the front lines

The devil knows our pressure points as he connects us with his punch lines

Rely on my roots of Christ I'm a troop

Counteractin' the spirit of a lie with the truth

The cause is probable, to a knowledge I'm unstoppable

In any name of Christ nigga nothin' is impossible

Father your presence is required in the line of fire

Somewhat as an alcoholic slippin' off the typewriter

Wishin' to get rid of his drinkin' desire

But when times get hard it makes him feel fifty pounds lighter

And who am I if I be judgemental?

When I engage in D.U.I. or weed and alcoholic influential

It ain't that simple, drugs got us crooked and demental

Headed straight to hell puttin' guns to our own temple


[Verse 3]

I got a mind with no screws, the grind is the tool to make it

I get on the move and take it, stick to the basics

We drunken and mentally faded, anticipated

They comin' up with currency in presidential faces

The streets have got me so hot from clockin' the not, entrapment

The corpse will get shot, we scorchin' the block, what happened?

Shit nobody knows a dead body floats in water

Then shrivel up and decompose a week after the slaughter

It's an everyday thing the game is deranged and twisted

But back to the brain and calm the untamed,?I'm lifted?

It's keepin' me sane cause fakers remain to kick it

A president should make them a statistic, yeah them bitches

But instead I just pray and puff on the hay and meditate

Cherish the day and never astray I'll escalate

Small time niggaz be tryin to brawl but they feather weight

Then I'm forced to kill their ass leave 'em in the Everglades

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