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T. Rex - Spaceball Ricochet lyrics

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i understand the wind
and all the things
that make the children cry

with my les paul
i know i'm small
but i enjoy living

book after book
i get hooked
everytime the writer
talks to me like a friend

what can i do
we just live in a zoo
all i do is play
the spaceball ricochet

deep in my heart
there's a house
that can hold
almost all of you

i brought a car
it was old but kind
i gave it my mind
and it disappeared

i love a girl
she is a changeless angel
she's a city it's a pity
that i'm like me

i said how can i lay
when all i do is play
the spaceball ricochet
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Author: Marc Bolan

Composer: ?

Publisher: Universal Music Operations Ltd.


Released in: 1981

Language: English

Appearing on: Boogie On (2003) , The Slider (1972) , Rabbit Fighter (the Alternate Slider) (1994) , A Beard Of Stars (1970) & The Slider (2000) , Rockin' & Rollin' (2023)

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