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T. Rex - Chariot Choogle lyrics

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you're like the planets when you move
see the winter' coming
in a two finned caddy
gonna walk upon the waters
go oooo yea

girl you gotta cook
you got the chariot by the hook
i'm riding in the rain
got my blue suede shoes
gonna give up all my pain
and go ooooo yea

baby you know who you are
baby you know who you are
don't you know who you are

standing on your porch
you wear your pleasure like a torch
hiding in the road
like a paolini toad
gonna give up all my load
and go oooo  yea
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Author: Marc Bolan, Mark Feld

Composer: ?

Publisher: Castle Communications PLC


Released in: 1972

Language: English

Appearing on: The Slider (1972) , A Beard Of Stars (1970) & The Slider (2000) , Megarex (1985)

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