T-mac - We Made It lyrics

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(feat. Down, Mega Bucks, Suave)

[Verse 1: Down]

See we done made it 

No need to hate it, congratulate it 

Blowin' up with 263 cause' T-Mac he can't be faded 

Praise it, then elevated, don't underestimated 

Like your thirst obey it, in the game but never playa-hate it 

I had strugglin' times the mils stayed on my mind 

On the low stay on the grind 

Cause' I gots to get mine 

We concentrated on having this industry dominated 

We goin' to Nashville in that custom made Navigator 

It's gettin' hectic let's sell these tapes, C.d.'s and records 

We gotta' be first, can't imagine comin' in second 

You aggravated, cause' the dope still over-weighted 

You contemplated on your own life so take it 

Fuck with milk, got cheese 

It's 98 get cha' lazy ass up cause' these niggas holdin' g's 

We motivated hating hearing tolerated 

Who's the richest No Limit or 263? 

Don't even debated, we demonstrated 

Lets roll another one and blaze it 

Keep us figures calculated and leave dem bustas in amazement 

We made it 

Ah-ha  know what I'm sayin' 

[Chorus: Suave]

(Damn it feels good to be rich and in this industry 

All my life I been hustlin', all my life I been strugglin' 

Damn it feels good to be rich and in this industry 

All my life I been slangin', All my life I been bangin') 

[Verse 2: Mega-Bucks]

Man dem' haters can't stand to see me livin' this life 

Marble floor, major hoes, a nigga covered in ice 

Jumpin' out that Navigator with that Alpine bangin' 

Nigga came a long way from all that hangin' and slangin' 

Now we million dollar playas regulatin' that cheese 

A hundred-thousand for that hummer, man I cop it with ease 

Ain't no thang ha, thats when a nigga sittin' on banks 

Swiss accounts stashed away, in case dem' feds wanna strike 

Man livin' this life done seen many niggas do 

Dem' made niggas, paid niggas that I'm callin' my crew 

T-Mac saw a nigga sittin' out on his luck 

Hit me with a couple' ki's, now I'm sittin' on bucks 

Then we took this dope-game to a whole notha' level 

Rap-hustle with the muscle keep dem' diamonds embezzled 

You haters keep hatin', I'mma put on my shine 

Brothers always makin' dollars thats the bottom line 


[Verse 3: T-Mac]

Nigga, picture me slangin' down-south Charlyo, nigga thug-bangin' 

But like windin' that Rolex 

Thats why I got dem' broads in the ghetto, 

relieve some of this ghetto stress 

And nigga I done made it to the top 

And never stop carryin' my Glock, thats why i keep my shit cock 

And now I got ends 

I always had the Rolex, houses by the lake and the Benz 

And all these niggas hatin' on me 

Callin' my name tryin' to link me to conspiracy 

But money can't change me 

I always had money in the beginnin' so it ain't strange to me 

So niggas keep your head up 

And watch out for dem' niggas tryin' to put y'all in that black truck 

(Yeah, y'all niggas betta watch out for dem' niggas tryin' to put chall' in that black truck, this shit is for real) 

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