Susanna Hoffs

Susanna Hoffs - That's Why Girls Cry

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him when he's not around
 'cause he comes up at the same time that
  i go down
 then i give him what he needs
 and then he pours it all over me
 everybody, everywhere wants something
 what could it be?

 that's why girls cry
 that's why girls cry

 cause the summer brings heat and
  the winter comes and takes it away
 cause i came to work, but the boy
  only came to play
 then he gives me what i need
 and then i tell him, get over me
 everybody, everywhere wants someone
 who could it be?

 why bite the hand that needs you?
 why break the heart that bleeds you?
 why give my hand?
 i don't understand
 why lose a love that almost leads you?

 there's a line in a dream where the
  ocean always meets the sky
 if i think real fast, i can make it by
  the end of the night
 why can't i live my love that way?
 so perfect in every way
 i can't stop this feeling
 what could it be
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Author: David Kahne, Juliana Hatfield, Susanna Hoffs

Composer: ?

Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH


Released in: 1991

Language: English

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