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Strict Flow - 4-1-Too Much lyrics

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[Phone Operator's Voice...]



Overdose, over load

Strict Flow Cats

412 set to explode

It's just a simple equation

Y'all want it, we bring it

And it's like that

[Chorus x2]

It's too dirty, too raw, too rugged

Too raw, too bangin' too blazin' too hot to touch

Ain't too many crews dropin' jewels like us

Them four from the 4-1-2 is too much

[Verse 1]

Walked in, yo right put me on the up tempo

Act like he knew what enough men know

Cause nothing flow unless we give express written permission

Hittin' with freshness in the next vestive edition

I bless rhythm with rhyme, most impressive design

More in effect than some of the best been at the prom

Stood the test of time and the minds of who counted

This is heavy weight, your kids will give or take a few ounces

Tellin' y'all's all hella raw


No neighborhood, borough or set these cats are claimin'

We famin' the underground Indian block market

What you think we'll aim for next is the hot target

I'm a sharp shooter lyricist by trade

The terror part improves when they step to the stage

Them sub-par maneuvers ain't makin' the grade

Some of y'all party people should be very afraid

Now, knowing me you're gonna get poetry

Plus a live show that you wanna pay for to receive

These lyrics lift spirits, get them out of their seats

Everybody go crazy at the sound of the beat

My craftsmanship proves I'm passionate

All this cotton mouthed construction ain't no accident

Hip-hop is something of a main element in my brain and skeleton

I keep tellin' them...We:

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]

Ain't nothing quite me, similar or close to it

We bust flows leavin' new clothes soaked with fluid

Masi alone once almost overthrow a whole unit

When it comes to rippin' mics, my advice - don't do it

Precise movement in into night humid (mad hot!)

I'm sick of frontin' wannabees, shoulda beens and havenots

We stack cash, props, unmatched surplus

Thinking deep, these cats of rap should serve us

Shook nervous, I know why y'all scared

Cause kids from the basement bout to come upstairs

With kick-drums and snares, turntables and mix

From the pavement to the bricks, no one's able to resist

This thrillseeker, kill speakers by the book

With one look, you can see the style's undercooked

Attached and addicted to the output

Stay strapped for miraculous raps you now hook

And this batch will never touch a papershreder

It's much better than whatever you slapped together

The Strict Flow endeavors forever - recognize

If you with it, let's bounce - if not, then step aside

[Chorus x2]
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