Storming Darkness

Storming Darkness - V. And R. / Supreme Murderer Moral lyrics

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The first cut is not deepest
The first cut is nothing..." *

Voice from chaos of unconscious thing
Voice points to the way - points to the evil
To kill! Kill... Kill...
No calming at God
But vengeance and recompense

Oh, innocent soul and mortal flesh
You'll be in my hell
We'll merge in suffering
I'm angel of death

Your wounds like a sacred tables
Your torments are evidence of my existence
Your tears never satisfy a thirst
Your entreaties turn into ecstasy

Your blood bleeds like symphony of love
Pain - supreme reality in her
My sister - Horror and Sorrow - will embrace

Your death... I can behold it eternally

You're fraction of my happines
I'll show you my solitude...
We'll knock at the doors of paradise
I bless you... bless you... bless you...

Visions of the divine beauties
On the decline of life
Corpse coldness...
It crowns my passion

Vengeance and recompense
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