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Split Window - bite back lyrics

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Many times I made you understandI'm not the easy-goin' kinda man
I'll never quit my horse, my crown
You'll hardly ever get me down
Looking back the years we shared
You expected me to cry my tears

But in my heart and in my soul
I know I'll dry up some day
No doubts, no fear, no hesitation
I'll never loose my imagination
Yes, I'll be your lover tonight
But you'll never put out my light

Minute by minute
Day by day
I'm trying so hard
To find my way

Gimme your real attention
Those questions in the mind
Will lead us to comprehension
No one can say we've never tried
It relieves and makes us satisfied
If you say it's gonna be all right

I'll bite back, I'll bite back
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Author: Noël Van Oyen, Johan Sabbe

Composer: ?

Publisher: ?


Released in: 2001

Language: English

Appearing on: Zapruder (The Soundtrack) (2001)

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