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F and C, F and C
Two chords that mean a lot to me
F and C, F and C
Two chords that mean a lot to me

Oh, gee, where would I be
If I didn’t have my two notes, F and C

I had a wife, did the best I can,
But she went and left for another man.
I took my guitar and played a song.
I took cold comfort in it, feeling wronged.


I bought a car with my hard-earned cash.
The day I bought it, lost it in a smash.
I scratched my head, how’d it end so soon?
I took my guitar again and played this tune.


I started work at a place I like,
But the boss didn’t like me. He said, “Take a hike!”
I said to him, “Well, if you want me to,
But hear this melody I sing to you!”


I parked my car at the boxing gym.
A man got mad ‘cos I was there before him.
And then he hit me with his boxing glove.
I said two letters he reminds me of.

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