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Souls Of Mischief - Where The Phuck You At lyrics

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 Women are so conniving
 but they liven me up
 succulent breasts
 bustin' through that dress
 impress me and Phes
 hold up turn around so we can see the rest
 what a dame
 a mothaphukkin' shame
 what's ya name
 you look fantastic
 she responded enthusiastic
 was it the fame (naaaw)
 they all the same
 what's the difference in this plastic
 no drastic measures
 just for pleasure, laughs, kicks
 conversation was simple
 she liked my dimples
 asked me when will I be leaving town
 it's goin' down
 I said tomorrow
 a look of sorrow crossed her face
 but I'm an ace
 ?_____? shot out to the hotel for the satin lace
 Victoria's Secrets
 get me weak in the knees
 baby please don't tease me
 she put the squeeze on me
 had me whipped
 a tight grip
 the perfect fit I flipped
 I couldn't handle it
 shot 'em out but now I want 'em back
 baby doll tell me where the phuk you at. . .

 Yeah, now this shit here sounds like some interlusion
 so let me kick some ludeness
 I wish I had a bitch that practiced
 and when I hit it from the back this girl
 would twirl and twist and fat lips
 and make the johnson vibrate like a tonsil
 plus on the tonsils
 honeyboo be on the job
 and if I try to hang she be like a bat outta Hades
 phuk around get with the nigga my lady
 I want a bitch that's ?_____?
 maybe glaze me in some cherries and heavy syrup
 but neva no reigns see and neva no stirrups (naaah)
 none of that S and M
 just undressin' when
 it's appropriate and even when it's not
 cause she hot, so...



 I knew this nigga that was bigga than life
 pullin' the trigga and knifes
 he'd stick up in ya in fights (and he was)
 the kind of nigga causin' pain and static
 when you seen him he would make you wanna aim your 'matic
 but that is not happenin'
 that nigga got back
 cause if you shot at him
 80 niggas would be on your block cappin'
 he had family
 understand me
 and he know popo know he make his dough sellin' candy
 he got friends in high places
 white men in skyscrapers
 I bet they help him beat his 5 cases
 untouched a true mack indeed
 he'd pull a mac and bleed
 he made a stack from crack and weed
 he phuckked up the fact is
 the nigga tried to duck taxes
 now he at that "Ahw nigga you, punk" status
 federal pen with non-heteral men
 climbin' ya front to back
 aw nigga where the phuk ya at

 I like them ripe hips
 to slide in
 after the shows we rock these
 I'm captivatin' hoes to wax and they attract me
 I see that lookin' in my eyes with fascination
 so I'm buckin' them thighs
 for a visit later she replied
 to see her undressed
 I just couldn't deny 'cause she possessed
 the most voluptuous
 ass and D cups
 it was almost too much for just me
 I said what's up with us
 we got in the cut and let the lust erupt
 scandalous as she did me justice
 with them lucious lips
 givin' a nigga rushes
 with the slightest touches but bust this
 now I gotta live with the repercussions
 she raised up when I dazed under the assumption
 she could be trusted
 now I'm like what's this
 left for broke all 'cause this
 hoe I'll probably never see again
 had a motive and
 got me for my dough
 so all I really wanna know
 is bitch...

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