Souls Of Mischief

Souls Of Mischief - The Interrogation lyrics

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Hieroglyphics baby

Yeah, yeah!


Yo, we delicate precision I erect the prison

Make you respect the wisdom

Man I'm chillin' with these checks I'm gettin'

Cashola when I raps over tracks, yo I mack

Just to break a ho back, we spin that ass over

Stop hatin' before my dogs mash on ya

Niggas claimin' they ballers they can't even sack dosia

No model chicks, just a trick, some wack (bova?)

No Range Rover just a moped and a crashed nova

Y'all speak hard but then you leave scarred

When you see my deep squad it mean you fi'n to meet God

Is you a retard, it get heavy when pleas start

Snatch your weak broad then we playin' leapfrog


Yeah we sometimes explicit

Never complicit, bust it

I gets busy usin' the arts of mystics

Break the shit down then I start to twist it

Blow it, into the wind

When I touch the microphone it's a win-win, situation

You placed in I'm goin' for the ball

It's all about concentration and placement

Boxin' niggas out rockin' any house

Any time, any where, any how, nigga feel me now?

Phenomenon, for the mash on the feminine

Off the sour mash cobwebs in my calabash

Blast on you scalawags

Then I'll blow up some power plants

Don't have to ask you yo how was that

[Chorus: Tajai]

Yeah we inter-continental

Multiple mentals, possessive of all essentials

Movin' on you minstrels

Man this what we off in to

This what we was meant to do

Uh yeah we inter-continental

Ballistic missile

Melt bones, flesh and gristle

Put away your pistol

Cause you gon' feel us when we hit you

Nigga we the Hiero Crew, marks



They ain't got the heart to battle us

Our challengers stay talentless

I'm imbalanced fuckin' (funabulous?)

No need to counteract you counter-attack us you're kinda wack

Engaged in static with the lymphatic pimp at it

Large and the thought you was still swift at it rhythmatic

With hard shit

Wordsmith versatile while Jewel of the Nile style

'll get you buried

They see your picture when they get your obituary

You scary-ass low-class ho-ass nigga

Broke-ass nigga you don't know cash, nigga


Aw yeah

I'm like side street high speedin'

Sharp turnin'

Rack and pinion steering veerin' towards the curb &

Police runnin', machine-gunnin'

Gasoline Mark Fuhrman, start burnin', leave nothin'

No evidence just dead presidents

The Fed's nemesis treacherous evil residents

Who got weapons with scopes on 'em Op' squash it

They deep as the exorcist tryin' to cause a closed coffin

Man I'm on a mic show stoppin'

Like a loaned shotgun

The rest are so monotonous

Pseudo-scientific but you know Hiero's infinite

Fuck a diamond I dominate concentrate

[Chorus: Tajai]

Yeah we inter-continental

Meditated mind state balanced mental

Movin' on you minstrels

Mashin' on the instrumental

Man that's what we meant to do

Uh, yeah we inter-continental

Ballistic missile

Melt bones, flesh and gristle

You ain't fi'n to feel shit when we hit you

We into you, this is the Hiero Crew, marks

[Phesto Dee]

Yeah it's metal gear for the track layer

Sword blaze your vertebaes up

Swing my laser like a space-age sensei

The suckers sashe

Backfire on the Messiah

It's quick draw

Rapid fire through your rap attire

I side-saddle ya

Sciatica straddle your automatics

Dazzled 'em with fabulous force that's haphazardous

Third-rail ya taggers with flow, hell daggers

I nailed Raymond, you frail baggage

A stale package

Sharp hatchet here's Johnny

Lyrics (rally?)

Draw down like Salvador Dali

Out the drawer to the Hollies

Snatchin' bodies clowns get cracked up at the Colli

Like niggas tryin' to 720 wind mill into our alley

[Pep Love]

It was written in the stone tablets

Hieroglyphics rippin' microphones savage

Puttin' Imperium on the map bitch

Niggas be lettin' they lips flap

Speakin' on my crew in front the hoes

Dude, what kinda shit's that?

You bound to get slapped

Car-jacked and pistol smacked

And get your bitch kidnapped

And I don't even get down like that

But word get around quick

Guess you wanna hear me spit some town shit

Nah I got a different style, in the 99th percentile

While you tryin' to get down I been down with real niggas

That will make you wig-wiggle

While I'm gigglin' stickin' ya chick with the dill pickle,

You feel that?

[Chorus: Tajai]

We inter-continental

You corny niggas always tracin' usin' stencils

Mash you mentals

I hope you got full-dental

Nigga this the Hiero Crew, marks

Yeah we inter-continental

Ballistic missle

Melt bones, flesh and gristle

Movin' on you minstrels

Mashin' on the instrumental

Nigga this the Hiero Crew, marks!
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