Souls Of Mischief

Souls Of Mischief - That Ain't Life (Climax) lyrics

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Push the button and the planet blows

That ain't right

Niggas be actin' like animals

That ain't right

Bustin' cannons when they brandish those

That ain't right

Put the mayor in a stranglehold

That ain't right


What? My firm is intense

Leave permanent imprints

A nigga was a infant when

I learned I was gifted

Knew I'd be eternally lifted when I get my turn to rip it

Certainly did and we still in the shit

We forever increase and never decease

Saliva flips when a geek endeavor to speak

Whenever Plea and the four horsemen

Kick your doors in

You shiverin'

Like a drunk nigga with no mo gin

One more again

Rollin' with the sons of the sun

I got love when I come

Put away your gun that's dumb

Whe ain't sissy nigga my folks got some

But I never the one that want to be fuckin' up the fun

Cause I rather have some female company rubbin' me

Sippin?bubbly lookin' lovely in front of me hah

Then I ride out to the Hiero hideout

And my lady friends slide out

Garments regardless if I turn the light out


That ain't right, that ain't right!

Curse like a gat burst

That ain't right

Ride to church in a black hearse

That ain't right

Roamin' the turf on a crack search

That ain't right


It抯 all radio music, corny as the rockettes

Mindless sex objects make the cock get rock hard

So you can抰 concentrate or see what抯 next

While they spray the pollutants

And lock down your district and send in lieutenants

Shootin?up your boulevard while you was watchin?MTV

Double connect pinched caught you slippin' instantly

You was a prisioner they plottin' on your seeds

Souls Of Mischief is different we operate on thieves they panic more

Sniff 'em out like black labradors

Battle ram doors crackin' down on your headquarters

Avalanche yours 'til you're buried alive

Your homie barely survived the rest is dead caught up

Haters want my head shot up so I'm preparin' to fight

Whether aryan knights or sherriffs of vice

Nigga I'm equipped like a terrorist to tear up shit right


In life everything's fair

That ain't right

That's way a nigga don't share

That ain't right

Your girl left you for a square

That ain't right

And now you see him everywhere

That ain't right

Man I'm hella broke and jobless

That ain't right

My sister does mornin' topless

That ain't right

The lied to us and robbed us

That ain't right

And if you ain't livin' right

That's death that ain't life

[Phesto Dee]

As they come in to great depths

We surpass the summit

Stranglin' rhythmic arrangement elements transpose and plummet

I take it back to my roots, vast and infinite

Composition is crafted intricate, jazz I rip it &

Passion indica, smash your syndicate

Before they can ask for sentiments and flow tear gas your tenements

After I flash the emblem

A symbol of the last millenium

Who the best boy?

Yeah we askin' anyone

Peg your chest and

Crush your velvet, shatter your pelvic

Hard hat or your helmet spin in the cockpit of a plane

And the tail spins

Still my satin smooth

Patented moves raps scat and

Scoop fatten the groove flatten your crew

Could happened to you

Word it's my propensity to cut back

Instantly change direction at my point of attack and leave tracks

Dilapidated, handicapped and incapacitated

When I ex-sling I silk screen these words in your chest

Spit the verbal infernal burn MC's like Oakland herbal

And I do it faster than the grand national & twin turbo

With a Jose Cuervo

That ain't right

Nah for real though

That ain't right


Prophecy is my offering

Fuck profiting off these profligate tales

These mental paupers be proffering

I await patiently till the time is proper to propagate

My intellectual property

Concentrated abated then trick ya and release it

In synchronous increments

Seemingly seamlessly

I'm a semanticist

Prayin' like many a mantis is

Though I'm not meanderin' answerless

Meditation that's my medication

Concentration leads to consternation

And conceptual inception

Interspersed interjections

Incite insurmountable insurrections

In the urban sections

Stretchin' my sharpest weapon

Precise etchin's of life's lessons, scaled and detailed to perfection

My imagination, the machinations of deceptive perception

Come, inspect my collection


Man they shootin' at the product

That ain't right

I left her at the bus stops

That ain't right

You just a late night option

That ain't right

Man I would never trust no cop nigga

That ain't right

I'm getting rich off these tricks

That ain't right

Man fuck that bitch!

That ain't right

You confused and want to switch

That ain't right

And if you ain't living right that's death

That ain't life

Poisonin' our men
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