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Souls Of Mischief - Rock It Like That lyrics

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First of all, for you pussies

don't take it personal

SOM is versatile

that is irreversible

I never submerge this style

I break em down (?)

while you were still trapped in trial and error

catchin block (?) like a cold

soundin' like the next nigga on the microphone

we ain't stole

no lyrics control

ya still starin (?)

prepare to spit

so don't experiment

you won't know where I went

shiftin all directions

and attempt to escape

but wait the connections sensin

aware of what terrors lurk

so I'd be alert

assess the damage, after I kick a verse

it hurts... stoppin rappers dead in their tracks on wax

I cannot be broken down on fractions

the fantastic four... attach

words together like a latch

or a clasp when we pass the mic


Cast the laser lights in your _______

you've been spotted

everybody want it and only one crew got it {who}

me, A-Plus, Op, and Phesto

and if rappers ain't gained respect

somethin they have messed up

got _____ damn near white to black

it's night

crowding up the jock cause I have a _____  rock it like that

my raps is mad as a phat

thats why niggas dig em, give em big ups and burn sacks

I'm gonna peel my cap for some dap(?)

you couldn't match one of my freestyles

if I was ____ of that ______

watch out, the raps be curvin' often

comin' from Eastbound to every funk shack the hip-hop crowd is


leave my rhymes off ya tongue

boy, you'll bust a lung

your muscles numb, your crew cannot save you

when we up in this mode of soul

you get overpowered and that's just how it goes



Don't even think that Heiroglyphics was gone

never that

take a 4 to your dome to send you back

you wack

and I could never exist in such foul circumstances

kickin' raps to serve your asses

at lasts, some MC's who never spit a style from you

nigga we the Heiro crew

mark, and betta believe we gonna rock it for life

I know it all y'all, we know it all, that's right

I'm livin' tall y'all, you livin' small, no mic(?)

well, I'm gigantic

and never trippin' of your wise antics

the plot is we gonna leave you plotless

you know we got this game with the biatches

don't give a fuck really coast you claim

a nigga like me only gives love to who I'm supposed to ma-n

..check it out...

you muthafuckas step the hell on back

from the "O"

and niggas know

that we rock it like that


It's Phes-rock clockin big time doe

witcha small-time hoe

going down like vinyl

you know

niggas try to play cool

non-stop comedys

all they ever gonna be

they never gonna see

the light... I hit em with some new

variations in stereo

inperceptively accerting every rhyme scheme

in ya mind on the dime

reconciling... that tactical approach

half these niggas wit gats

probably know it enough to shoot

Heiroglyphics got ya back

_____ through ______

the boys in blue with bitches

who allow us to inspect them... strictly

as objects of sex to take em down slow

I never lose control

it's all an illusion

if my aim seems mainstream

I'm a virtuoso {you's a fool}

to fake

to make

any kind of complection

we Hiero

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