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Souls Of Mischief - Phoenix Rising (Resolution) lyrics

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Resolution hinges on a breath after a series of struggles

When questions become less defining and solutions have no silver lining

When the battle has fallen to ultimate destruction

With no momentary pauses for why it was all triggered

And from all angles equations plus views, you still can't figure

Resolution is the aftermath of that which could not be defined

Hanging on a cliff with no options but to die, rewind or recline 

Compromising on earth to ignite what was written before you began

Understanding that every rock created, eventually turns to sand

Grandly accepting that in life's rythem, there is only one concrete plan

That has nothing to do with blocks, hoods, anger, tears, retaliation or man

Resolution is the fire in the sky left by a phoenix rising

A caged bird lost, but still free

Flying over a trecherous sea with no effort, gliding

Resolution is the thought you cannot contain

When city lights turn to magnificent heights

And release has no echo of pain

Resolution hinges on a breath that passes as quickly as an untangled life

Its when you... (deep breath)

It's gonna be alright, it's gonna be alright
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