Souls Of Mischief

Souls Of Mischief - No Man's Land lyrics

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 MC's they diss but want to be subtle
 what can I say to disgruntle
 Heiroglyphics but then the rebuttle
 that's trouble
 don't want to get caught stuck on the mic
 I know what it's like
 I seen some niggas be victims last night
 a pitiful sight
 all four of them  they tight
 ..[Phesto] Disguise it between the lines  man  it'll be
 write rhymes in the limelight
 can't afford excitement
 gotta be careful
 down low when I recite it

 Cause you niggas are weak
 immune to freakin shit surpressed 'em
 quarrenteened to malpractice
 but mics you need to be arrested
 bribery, for your recitals that suck
 dick infested, with your misconceptions
 you can duck, the mic with digress and babblin'
 disestablishin' the fact ya wack ass backwards destined
 unimpressive, much too lacking, you divulgin'
 exposin'... ya posin'
 comin from no new angles
 the same flows that keep us dozin'

 [Peplove talkin']

 Got 'em terrified
 let's clarify this shit, who bit
 prepare to die for that _______
 you crossed me you gets clips
 sendin' 'em shockwaves
 beatin his rhyme until it's concave
 leavin' his nerves wracked, his eyes glazed
 raisin em out the misconception
 that you stepped in the right direction
 Souls of Mischief is perfection
 you need to miss this
 cause we get down to business
 MC's if you resent us when ya rock on the fenders(?)

 So why resist that we the best at... what we do
 when ya'll are just decoration for the recreation
 fakin MC's with blatent disregard for making the bump
 my patience is up
 resign Heiroglyphics devine, refined
 you niggas need to find an assonine that's uninclined
 to rhyme confined
 to mindless behind a _______
 and swift about a second, if in time trying to diss
 just bow and scrape
 cause Souls of Mischief whippin' niggas in shape

 [Peplove talkin']

 I guess I'm good at the game of natural selectiveness
 in the Wild Wild West
 where the beats got wild wise
 and niggas stayed down the streets from their grandmamas
 hoppin with the three four fifty poppin in their ______ cause
 that's how it goes, that's how it's gonna stay, rather toasty
 nuthin' like my day, you don't say
 I remember me, Snupe, ______, and Toure
 all them for days
 ready for the ______ and _______
 with anyone who test
 but let me tell ya somethin though ma-n
 all that funkin' got is nuthin' but lumps and no pay
 now my only lumps is sums
 and the funk it just hums
 out ya high flying ______
 ya system is stupid dumb
 a hint of wisdom come, each second ya grow
 so rememberin some shit ya wish ya didn't know
 like this, don't trust your bitch
 cause she's here with me
 just a skip to the rarity and bust a skit

 [Peplove talkin']

 Hold up, I wanna explain
 you wack and shit
 you lack the gift
 I wanna smack you kid
 because the fact you did
 an unforgivable crime, wanting to rhyme
 against the smooth master
 I move faster, my crew'll blast ya
 and I bet you thought you gets no I see you (?)
 don't even entertain the thought that I'd be through slicin'
 see a nigga like me constructs lines to buck minds
 you can't corrupt minds
 I'm givin these niggas tough times
 I'm above crimes
 with "I don't give a fuck" rhymes
 niggas love mine
 MC's see me as unkind
 with their dumb rhymes
 I can find and track black
 leave them standin' frozen
 people say A-Plus that man is chosen
 I'm the man with hoes and cash
 fast, to catch ya dozin
 there's no gimmicks, no ego trippin'
 no backwards flows and
 there's no fuckin' whistle
 Souls of Mischief is destruction
 easily destruct your facial tissue
 Heiroglyphics, never late to diss you

 [Peplove talkin
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Jive


Released in: 1995

Language: English

Appearing on: No Man's Land (1995)

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