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We meditate, we meditate to educate

Educate we meditate to elevate


Now it's the rhyme ripper fittin' to split ya

Spine to your liver

Flash like a line sniffer I'm swifter

Than Michael Jordan snortin' some speed

And I'll give ya

Much more than you need yo fly nigga

Scorin' the weed sticky green'll make me high quicker

Twistin' it and mixin' it with Bacardi lime liquor

Beligerent kickin' it with (tati on?) the time ticker

You could be a dyin' man with a mic but I'm sicker

You rhyme wack as I bust like Leon Isaac

Makin' peons slide back

That don't be on the right track, we way off

So now they stay soft like impotence

But I say naw, I'd rather stay raw

Magnificent rippin' it

Givin' it all I can though

Plus I handle devious scandals


Luchini like Camp Lo

Wreckin' the beats

Gettin embassy's executive cheese

[Phesto Dee]

I'm the loose cannon aid on deck

Detonate in a millisec

Covered in a blackened silloutte

And still reflects enough light

To shatter your body like a pinyata

Bobofet or

Jim Cata doin' lyrical kapoeta

The net to netta

Smokin' purple fibers off the hedges

Till it's resin

And pledge allegiance

To the essence

Confront Phes rock

Ever present with hesitance

My tongue twistin' tornadoes

Never miss your residence

You cackling cacophonies

Me and the mike is holy matrimony

Tackling your phony flow matrix

You couldn't absorb or deflect the impact

With roll cages

The soul aces

Take you to that oasis



We meditate to educate

Make my mind luminous

Avoid the tricky and the ruth-eless

Movin' swift

The juggernaut force

We maneuver this rap game

What the bumboclat

Woman act strange

And get tipsy off the fat chain,

Nigga splurgin' at the bar and thinkin' that's game

Till they get you for your Chevy


If you lack

Lack brains

The facts

The facts change


Latch onto my concept

In the context of conquest

I capture, your conscience

Move upon you with logic

But it's so deep up in ya

Ain't no way you fittin' to dislodge that

I mean way up in ya

Bend your mind like a fender

How the (bought?) of my new agenda

My deluge of lewd yet shrewd mental food will wet you

And your crew

So eschew from testin' my standard issue

Let alone the cannons and missles for heavy damage aimed at those

Grandstanding with petty anti-antics

Can't match those, handcrafted by my many mechanics

Who's skills run the gamut who will run the planet

Any time I exert my will it's outstandin'

To the point where you gotta hand it or hate and be mad

It don't matter to me

Over a bed of fresh beats its style au natural with no additives


Even if you brandishing guns and break laws

I make you let the pistol go and praise God

A dynamo

Shinin' on the mike like a quasar

They can't infiltrate the steel cage brain star

I'm feelin' blood hounds all on my trail

Like my lyrics was peruvian candy

Not a fugitive

Truly expanding minds with rhymes with the family

Who be gettin' higher than the Andes

The way I plant seeds deep in the underground

Make the thunderous pound to get your heart pumpin'

Spark up the kryptonite

People gettin' lit tonite

Indica-like, to try to simplify try


[Opio: talking]

We meditate, to educate, educate

We meditate, to educate, to educate

We meditate, meditate to educate

We meditate, to educate, elevate

We meditate, to educate, elevate

We meditate, to educate

We meditate, to educate

Make my mind luminous

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