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Last night!


Was incredible, unforgetable

Seen some ass MC's

Had to let'em know

Last night!


Had put my thang down

Got my thang on

Did my thug thang

It wasn't a thang wrong

Last night!


I thought it was just my mic level

I can't hear myself & Plus turn up the echo

Last night!

[Phesto Dee]

I took a five hour plane flight

Spittin' at my homegirl via satellite

Last night!


Idea was top the secret

And you wouldn't belive it unless you peeped it

She was off the chain, all-terrain

All insane alcohol stalled her brain

Last night I caught the right weed

Had my body slow-mo but thoughts at light speed (last night!)

Was a long one I was on one, a strong one

Smoke it 'til it's all done

Last night!


We out we out we out

Forty miles over the speed limit

On target like a bullet to the knees

From the SWAT team when I'm

Shootin' these in 'em

Trigger kamikaze but two shots are hidden then

Step into the station (Pass A-Plea the venom)

So we can take a sip and let the poison get in 'em

Ink off the mic like a vortex without a bitch or a Lex

I get more affection

Payin' no attention cause I learned my lesson

Cold hearted bitterness so I never sweat them (last night!)

Starstruck the Hollywood hoes in action

Master your high watch out they backstabbin'

Last night!

[Phesto Dee]

Chillin' where the city lights flash bright

Burning rubber in a riddle livin' in the fast life

That's right

I saw the last of my ID's

One too many a dem Long Island ice teas

Act right

You thought you was the life of the party

Feelin' light hearted off the lime and Bacardi (last night!)

I seen your girl at a red light

Too conditioned for your highness but we did it all night

Last night!


Last night I spend my whole night out

Met some hoes outta fest for low riders

Mind hunters, lip gloss shine & hypnotizin' minor men

And like a fool I invite 'em into my ride

When we was already high but with tequila sunrises

Jack & mai tais

It was all over

Wished I stayed sober cause I don't know what

Happened and niggas keep on laughing (last night!)

Oh that's right

You was poppin' at the cutie with the big backside

Last night!


Yeah I was watchin' movies on my sofa

Knowin' Susie'd soon be comin' over

Last night!

[Phesto Dee]

I cracked a cold one

Then I smoked some but lost a whole bunch

Last night!


We lit up the premium blend

Hit it again and again and make the world spin

Last night!

[Phesto Dee]

I rolled across the Golden Gate Bridge

Headed for the O with Pep and Jay-Biz

Last night!


I got paid before and laid after

(Up in?) the mic and broke bread at the tabernacle

Last night!


I'm sleepin' from drinkin' too early in the evenin'

And Hennessy had me hurlin' and heavin'

Last night!


Last night I broke on through to that side

Party til my body capsized

Last night!

[Phesto Dee]

I saw the (locs plus it's off the tushes?)

Lookin' voluptuous in capri's and petal pushers

Hair brushes had us watchin' for the black and whites

Evadin' the sobriety checks and spotlights

Last night!


I smoked a bomb sack facial

Then I got a call from this girl I hate bro (what?)

She said I'm comin' by don't think that I'm a H-O

I'm thinkin' how you know I was on the eighth floor?

Last night!


Last night was scorchin', blazin'

An overload of endorphins

This motorola is just torchin'

Act like I be actin' brazen

A'k the ladies

I may push it but don't force it

Last night!


This way configurate when we skate in a caravan

Kickin' up dust and disappear in a sand storm

Mash on the gas aim direct and escape

To the next experience we do it heavyweight

Lat night!


Got pulled over by the po-pers

Wasn't sober they let me go but they took all of my dosia

Last night!

[Phesto Dee]

We was compact deep in the backseat

Goin' tone deaf from distorted fifteens

Last night!


Check it out they was movin' too slow

I was in the fast lane with the cruise control

Last night!


If you missed us catch us next time we ride

Cuz you know we do it right

Last night!
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