Souls Of Mischief

Souls Of Mischief - Groove2Night lyrics

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The hieroglyphics crew mics of the round table

Unstable MC's parade on stage

Like we the best

Get snatched by the dragnet

Lyrics cascade

Now on you can imagine this


It's mo', mo' deadly than a 64

The same M.O., I'll kill you slow

When you hear me for the first time

It's like you seen 5-0 with a trunk full of dope

You start to speak, choke like a ho doin' deep throat

Next thing you know your kickin' my raps instead of your own

over your intrumental

Create your new style, can't even think to hit the beat like

like that

'Till you heard our sound on wax


Take a hit, I get into your brain like an opium stick

Feel it deep in your blood vessels

Experience the quickening, the light appears to be flickering

'Cause I'm hitting you from every perspective

No weapons or projectiles

Just these style

Travel miles over all terrains

They got (????)

I make waves like Jupiter, slam into earth

And the shit gets worse on the next verse

CHORUS: We came to groove tonight, can't stop, won't stop

'till we move the mic (4X)


Steppin' to it's

Like touching a thermonuclear conduit

Enters my style, is the child charged

and be with so much potential

That you should not come close

Death is the unknown

And I'm not sure you ready to go


Opio, each move I make has a strategy

Graphically describing scenarios like Ken Nordine

While you were snorting coke lines

I wrote lines thwarting all attempts to undermine Hiero

Blind to nothin', all sting like Professor X

Step in the circle it gets complex

No sustaining the lyrical hanging

Necks snap from the impact

Your world turns black from the rap


Yeah, but now it's time to speak my peace

To muthaphuckas who need more out of life than just jeeps

And freaks who find whatever in the dope ass speech

Havin' a smoke-out, freestylin'

with sirens right down the street

'Cause it can't stop, won't stop like a hit and run

I guess (????) MC's work is never done

But that's cool

I love to battle you sucka ass crews

Hit 'em with the 012

And leave with my pockets full

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