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[Phesto Dee]

Master of emcee slave trade

Pullin' chief executive chains on his muppets

The prime minister of shattered dreams

For these young black kids

Itchin' for this rap status

But he never could add up these b-boy mathematics

His pragmatic toys made him money magnetic

The abrasive weight of his unevasive vendettas

Made him keep two barrettas with his industry contingents

Ninjas, paid protection and fringe benefits

He rolls from the stretch Benz Limited Edition

Caught between a sinister smoke screen and henchmen

Straightened his lapel ignited his cigarette

And shoved the knot of his tie and awaited his death wish

Reckless manslaughter left him breathless

mashed his chest it's a crash in the intersection

A fraction of a second

Spun out on the sidewalk

He couldn't pull his gun out

Cuz instantly

He was fucked in the industry


Is it real or imagery?

Senseless acts of savagery

Could it be you got fucked in the industry?

See it

You got fucked in the industry



Cause niggas get off in this business

Tryin' to come up

Awestruck, starstruck

But you know how they end up

See it

You got fucked in the industry

You know how they end up


Video queen type for whom you's feen

Appeared in many scenes

Fulfilling her childhood dreams

Got involved with this hardcore MC

Said she like to kick it and hang cuz he

Kept her clean

Expensive thangs, European names

Ice embedded amidst, ruby red flames she

Stayed in his mix, figured it was all a game

Swearin' that this nigga was her ticket to fame

But little did she know there was truth to what he's sayin'

'Bout how he made his livin' sellin' crack cocaine

'Bout how he put caps in all his enemies brains

I guess he missed the two that came checkin' for change

Didn't hear his pits squeal necks broke on choke chains

Baskin' in the glow of fuck faces they just exchange

Maxin' in his home, coolin' out just relaxin'

Niggas busted and cappin' while she was in between his

Satins and intravenous

Drip her failing heart rate blip

and the bloody mattress

The sole legacy of this budding actress

Coroner lights and cops cameras followed the action

I wasn't surprise but rather saddened when it happened


Cause niggas get off in this business tryin' to come up

Awestruck, start struck

But you now how they end up


The devious life you get touched

See it

But you know how they end up


Down in San Diego at the Gavin

I seen a hip-hop journalist get stabbed

That shit was savage

Caught him in the stomach with about four inches

Slapped him in his face relentless

And pulled out some big shit

He said look homie, you don't know me

Put the gat to his head calm and slowly

The journalist screamin' and cryin' scared of dyin'

Dude mashed him in his jaw with the barrel

Told him STOP LYIN'

Picked him up off his knees with ease

I thought he might squeeze

'Til I heard the police yellin' FREEZE!

He reached for the heavens

Eleven cops put his head in a (shuminumaki?)

Blood on the concrete

That's when I peeped dude that shanked him was a rapper

Hot cause his name got slandered

Locked in a metal case for over a decade

He thought he was invincible

But now he wish that day never happened

Askin' his God for forgiveness

Purgin' is harder than vengeance tryin' to end this nightmare

The industry clockwork oranged his whole shit

And warped his brain until he flipped out

Is that what is about

You talk too much you got a gun in your mouth

Talkin' big when you little man they called you out

Shoulda kept your shit shut

Cause you know how they end up

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