Souls Of Mischief

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I started writin' rhymes in 1982, I was 8

My only brother used to let me hear his Too-Short tapes "Beeitch"

Sugarhill and Spoonie G was with me

'Bout anything I could I get was non-stop in my cassette

Or on my phonograph

But in 94 I gotta hold my laugh in

I be cappin' on this wave of overnight rappin'

How dare you defy me, you're tiny

Writtin' your first raps in 1990

Ya blimey behind me

I did so many phuckin' shows for no cash

Why you wanna dis a player?

'Cause you're slow and I'm fast

To blast fast raps through the mass

To surpass, you an ass

Why dis a nigga 'cause he makin' his cash


Do it like that

Since I was fresh off the tit my tat

For word player match rap had nourished

Straight from back and the present fressin'

On the irreverent just hatched

Fledglin' sap peddlin'

Give me some tracks pal and I'll rap now

Section of the... populations

Plus the ones on the idiot box

Showin' it pays to be a busta, tittes and cocks

Exposin' we all slows a hustlas glocks samo

No love for any muthaphucka

Is that real of fiction?

Made for TV reels, depictions

Of the life you're wishin'

To lead or led before you grab the mic

Hieroglyphics like 3 to your head

Ignite to all

You besta pray you stay on

[CHORUS: x3]

"You wanna be fresh, We aint tryin' to be fresh,

We aint never be fresh(dope dope)"


I used ta envision the mic in my hand

Rockin' shows, avoidin' the gold diggas

Had it all planned out

On a collision course to fail no doubt

The non-believers said " Them niggas aint makin no clout"

Now its about pounds and peace signs since we gotta contract

We tracked through the bullshit

Adaptin' to rappin' and act

Sacraficial MC's believe

Souls of Mischief strap em down to recieve tey blessin'

Through the chest n' out the back

Like that, they sly with your title in tact

Hieroglyphics causin' chain reactions, back den

Y'all niggas wasn't rhymin' but now its the trend


So just blend

With a mask galvanised

But my style disguises pseudo MC's

Plastic over mastic bitin'

Holdin' your tongues

While amongst a soul searches

Sarcastic when you was askin'

Was we cashin' in

On all this rappin'

Inquirin' who wasn't aspirin'

To be a nothing now desirin'

Opposition 'cause conspirin'

Sitched to hip-hop YEAH

Its funny mo' niggas know me better than ever

Mo' niggas see me actin' like they don't know me than ever

I never... waste my time

To refresh they memmories

I'm in the breeze, controlin' MC's

Like machines

Cybernetic, psychokenetic

Souls of Mischief sees the mic

Then we shred it like this

[Chorus then fade out]
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