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Souls Of Mischief - Do You Want It lyrics

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{Chorus   Do you want it? repeated}
 Ah yeah  my peoples if you want me  cool
 Everybody know the T is the joint be comin through
 with the _____ like Napolean Bonaparte(sp?) I'm swoll
 yall niggas that be flowin  it's all heart no soul
 you lack the balance  couldn't rip it in virtual reality
 I got a style that's dehumanizing
 Keepin' eyes on swell
 the demise of your personel
 that's not surprising
 Yo I got live and in my verse I _____ your best man
 show me that as I get in it
 Sorry, no gimmicks
 cause with me the possibilities is limitless
 I'm too _______ at this English shit
 and if ya didn't list this as your favorite
 you simply didn't listen...closely
 to the rhymes I kick to my sisters and my brethoren (sp?)
 never try to front like I'm a veteran
 but give respect and receive I leave
 but you feel the presence
 cause the bass drum got resonance

 Check it out cause you all know me
 Opio Lindsay...champion MC
 internationally...niggas be challenging thee
 Heiroglyphics imperium steering 'em heat
 get get up out ya seat
 nigga ya weak
 I'd rather spit at a freak
 and get up under the sheets
 instead of... configuring speech
 for niggas to leech on
 my crew touch the mic
 Souls of Mischief we be on...point
 sure as Casual hit the joint
 making muthafuckas scream and shout
 ya know we turn it out
 so baby girl with the light brown eyes
 let me speak to you a minute and examine them thighs
 and get wise to the fact
 that I'm hip to that act
 don't try to play that role
 let's get real and hit the sack
 it ain't all like that
 you know...we keep in contact
 let me take control... just relax


 I demonstrate the skills that niggas need to flow
 they need to ____ a bro

 but even so I still leave you though
 you know I never understood about wack
 ain't nuthin' good about wack
 it's all shit, that's what my niggas call it
 that's all I know well fuck the rest raps
 I'll buck ya chest perhaps
 ya luck is less, black
 you flunked the test, yes
 and you will never pass
 I got them hoes sayin' A-plus
 you so fresh with ya clever ass
 No doubt MC's are gettin' ransacked
 see I'm the man, black
 stand back
 this is what ya plan lack
 the proper use of flows
 ___________ my ________
 you hoes that don't do ya own rhymes
 got to chew the pros
 the buddha flows with a sack on the floor
 from '93 til we chill now we back in the door
 but now, it's gruesome when a crew's dumb
 so I gotta bruise 'em
 Heiroglyphics win, never lose

 Here goes Phes-rock
 makin' ladies just drop
 out of conrol from the soul
 making money don't stop
 to the fellas never jealous
 celebrate the fact
 Souls of Mischief comin' way too phat
 to sit back and ________ maybe
 you be excilerating and exhault
 as I expand my palm and baby in the _______
 not at all was I shocked she wasn't ________
 at my performance
 I leave 'em in aw without warning
 so try to ascertain your ass a brain cause I reign
 breakin backs and necks over tracks for checks
 leavin' niggas heartless, discarded
 by the genuine artist strechin' to the farthest
 reachin' your imagination, niggas catchin' a blur
 I'm like the ________,
 my rhymes come together like clockwork
 perfect is the only way to word it
 energy excerted
 it's Souls of Mischief on your circuit
 check it out...

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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Jive


Released in: 1995

Language: English

Appearing on: No Man's Land (1995)

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