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Souls Of Mischief - Danglin' lyrics

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Hey, yo, some niggas try to act like

Act like they crazy but they really fake

Fake shit they janky they shady say

He a lady rockin' a broad y'all

He could probably breed a baby


Ay, I done seen him lately

I don't know if you spot him

The type of cat that run his mouth and get you shot up

"Y'all," he ain't got no partners 

He bust no slugs

Not even a BB gun if it's beef he run


You got caught now you breathin' from a machine

Cuz you sleepin' on how evil come back

It's like a scene from The Mack

The way you got pimp-slapped

Then ramshackled for your bundle

Late night on a track

And felt the crackle or the thunder

Your life snatched from right up under

Fool you trifle of a slumber

So eternally sleep

You wasn't learnt in the streets

[Phesto Dee]

You just squirm when they turn up the heat

Turnin' your sheets

Youse a geek

All obsessed with your d-boy image

Around real hitters a small joke

Tryin' to be down you get, broke 

Stickin' your spokes

Trappin' your coke and still got, choked up

They play strip poker with ya spoke of tough luck

All for what?  A fast buck


Hey, yo, some niggas try to act like

Act like they crazy but they really fake

Fake see they janky they shady

Me I can't relate to this imagery 

Arrangin' and changin' (and changin') (and changin')

Rangin' from slangin' kilos

To gangbangin'

But we know your name and your people

You ain't tanglin'

You ain't from the set that you claimin'

You danglin'


Premeditatin' murder rate 

Wet up off the sherminate

Shots hit your vertebrae

You wishin' you could turn the page

And start from the beginnin' back at chapter one

You was a virgin eighth grade 

No collapsin' lung

Livin' free as the president now it's maximum

Security for you permanent the battle was won


Is so maddenin' to see you slip in

The same pattern and some escape

Many make the same dumb mistakes 

Tryin' the hardest to be

Perceived as hard

Posted on the corners with the cheap cigars

Pants so baggy man you can barely keep 'em on

Speakin' on things you got no business speakin' on

But now keep keep it on 

And be the first nigga we creep up on

Before you peep it you gone

[Phesto Dee]

Yeah, some niggas try to act like they crazy

They shady Barnum & Bailey

Clown Fugazis

You was a dweeb in the eighties

Thinkin' bulletproof now

But them real niggas are bangin'


Hey, this is what we tryin' to tell

Busters, suckers and tail tuckers

All frail hustlers and nail buffers

Leave it to the people that be it

Till you had seen it, but I seen it

Cats ain't breathin' when they leave you bleedin' on the cement

These phoney niggas make believe it

I hope a nine to your mind

ain't what it take to free, hate to see

[Chorus] - 2X
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