Souls Of Mischief

Souls Of Mischief - Bump Shit lyrics

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"Its the
 Ill Plusta Phesto D.
 O. Lindsey
 T. Massey so whatchyou wanna be??
 Just peep the bump and thump
 you ain't got no choice
 so throw your hands up!"


 You're stuck
 crucified you'll lose don't try your luck
 I'll cut 'em up
 run through and ruin mc's they can suck my dick
 the Hieroglyphic Kingdom bring em down to earth
 they're worthless worse since the beginning
 and I'm winning
 offending mc's they can't accept it
 inside he hide his fear of theory that shit was weary
 and I hear he dont be coming off the top
 he better drop and give me fifty
 cause if he dont shape up I take whats mine
 and at your title, what you write I'll demolish
 polish up your skills just forget all this
 call it quits it's overwhelming
 you keep failing to impress
 you're sluggish, I'll put a fake mc to rest
 I got pages for the courageous amazes
 fazes my opponent leave the microphone bic
 you're flow is basic, youll get erased quick
 stick to fantasizing
 you're wack and deny the fact that I win
 ease the pain, I still remain the king
 I sing a lullaby to nullify the lazy ass lame
 famous mc
 even a nameless mc gets unfriendly
 so we out to check em
 direct from O. Lindsey


 Why you gotta to do the kind of shit that I hate?
 I find your shit to be fake,
 your mind ain't fit to create
 Cease see you later, mack
 Accidents waitin to happen
 trying to fade the Adam
 They bags is broke when they attack him
 cause I play the mack,
 see that's an everyday thing
 you can peep these hoes jocking in whenever we hang
 I gets game from 'em, see hieroglyphics came from the
 east side of O.
 getting jocked when we try to go
 to these funk missions
 with a grudge written overnight
 rappers come wishin
 but Plus hold the mic and slap you with the bump shit
 them hoes jock me the most,
 wish I was there
 when them cowards jumped Donnie and Los
 we own all mics in the solar system
 you gets dropped when the Souls come reposessing props
 with the older wisdom
 and the beat it just drops and I hold the rhythm
 Souls of mischief is the coldest


 To all you crews thinkin we was weak as you
 well would you listen to a doozy,
 you're lucky that we dissaprove and frown
 at that candy coated cartoon clown shit
 we don't allow it, (naw that would make us some hypocrites)
 you scared yourself into popping lip and jest
 suckers saving face but catch it in the chest
 so just abate your haste
 To activate your _________
 cause he eat the best rhymer
 stop your crew up with jemima
 I got the tool just ____ of the drama
 Yo but that's madness, my shit's the bump
 If I didn't have hits, I'd persist to pump
 my mind to capacity till the shit just dump out on the sidewalk
 and only then would I sqawk
 and babble nonsense
 ripping this shit long as I'm conscious
 and even in your dreams you'll fiend and follow it
 no paths you better quit 'for y'all and get with the
 vocabulary lunchmeats
 suckers smoke pads
 of something lack the gumption get smacked when we up in the house
 Niggas are fake
 they gettin baked trying to penetrate the inferno
 I surround the microphone wit
 cause to the highest degrees mc's marvel over me
 I never reconsider getting rid of them
 they perishing embarassing as the air gets thin
 I stare em in the eyes before I wear them in
 its no comparison to the immaculate
 you get ramshackled with the mic
 lanced with the javelin for rattling off at the lip
 (Get off my dick)
 But you can think what'f I stigmatized if you tried
 it's circumstantial
 you niggas are unadvanced with the mic
 in avalanche you don't have a chance just dance to
 the beat I'm notorious for bics
 niggas trying to come to grips but its
 inevitable you'll never know
 execution is your only resoultion
 so retrace your steps or face your death

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