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Souls Of Mischief - Batting Practice lyrics

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Yo  nineteen ninety three
 New year  new world champions
 Hahaha like this

 Yo  the ill minded mack will find the facts
 I rhyme and acts  niggaz bound til I'm attacks
 When niggaz say I can't rhyme I recline
 I'm the first to tell you  I got G's in my verse who tell me
 It hurts a fella when I rip  because I'm sly slick
 The nigga fly chicks ride dick with me
 I'm leaving niggaz stranded man that's how I planned it
 Landed blows with my random flows
 And it goes -- a little something like this
 And I might diss, with my right fist I strike kids like a pitcher do
 I split your bitch you better switch or I twist ya
 I play tricks like a mix
 When booty niggaz miss the beat
 I figure that they wack I go and get my bat and a pack of Swisher sweets
 Plus be ill when I bust the grill but we chill
 Who the fattest? {Hiero} It's batting practice


 It's no feat, how I defeat, weaker
 individuals set em up like give and go
 A heat seaker, I take a bat and brighten your features
 Beseech ya, proving I'll do that too
 Cuz when you, pulls my clothes on and shrouded
 I'm out with ya grip and you're pimpin so how did he
 do that shit, who dat kid, you're asking the masked man
 Who fly higher than NASA
 Ask friends what you need when I need your blockin
 Then I leave you knocked in
 Counts to call I scrubs em all
 With the quickness, using fitness, leave you fitless
 Who got a problem with me ripping all than I do
 I'm batting way more than you
 Hey sure you knew my rhymes was fly
 My lines imply that I'm fatter, next batter

 Chorus: repeat 2X

 It's like this y'all, it's like that y'all
 I got a Hieroglyphics baseball bat y'all
 It's like this y'all, it's like that y'all
 I swing a Hieroglyphics baseball bat y'all


 Get the fuck out, I never struck out
 Better get the bucks out, and kick em down
 Wrecking, extreme havoc when I'm practicing
 That could mean a loss of conciousness when I launches this
 Back to the scene of the crime I'm never on sight
 Untouchable, what you pulled another hiest?
 Precisely, I's be the man that did it
 Said it, free up your posession never regretted
 No anthistetic so you're headed for some suffering
 Bufferin can't ease the aches and pains of my-grains
 When I trail this drain on your lifestyle
 Pull a knife while, you give it up, simp
 I'm a pimp got your hoe and got your dough
 and got the best flow in the universe, snatchin titles
 like a purse, niggaz be the spot in a hearse
 I'm worse, than the baddest bat crack


 It's Phesto so get your cash flow, I crushed em
 It's gone, right before your eyes, if you're wise
 Another hiest done nice when I slice
 your neck and snatch a duffle-bag with a sag
 and a tag in your crew, dag how you do
 Dangerous if it's your brain I bust they taking
 chains and stuff, from the victim eyes is suprised
 And I'm quick to size men, up with a swing to your grill
 What I planned difficult that's split your skull
 with a tool, if you ever fool, with us all
 Did you ever think, if you blinked
 I wouldn't get you for your links, and your cash and your minks
 Savage enough to keep my average up
 Puttin chumps in assume a new marking then I'm scots-free
 Watch me, duck into the night with your valuables
 I'm getting down with my tools



 Hah, whassup? Tell me we ain't the best now
 That's how we do! Ripping shit
 Niggaz don't know...
 They ain't the best, cuz we be
 That's practice
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Author: Damani Thompson, John Owens (2)

Composer: ?

Publisher: Zomba Recording Corporation


Released in: 1993

Language: English

Appearing on: '93 'til Infinity (1993)

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