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I'm so hard headed, I never listen

That's why I cut class everyday it felt like prison

Poppin' at your ex-girlfriend in detention

Tossed her in the library got my duck sick then

The next day I was jalapeno dick pissin'

Raw (that need?) the vixen on a suicide mission

Bad bussiness the pussy had me mystified

Couldn't trust her but I risked my life

Bad business my dog as my witness

Tried to act church girl religious

She had a hit list

Bad business lucky what if syphillis

Or the monster

What you got that all for a boo?

[Phesto Dee]

That's bad business

Spendin' all your time wastin' your time

That's bad bidness that's bad bidness

Yeah what do we have behind curtain

Number three, ghetto fantasy

Young buck sixteen, in a state of emergency

Got you thrown in juvenile hall

Cause you toss a marked car it's stupid

Fit out a Lakeshore

But you wanna bounce over the hill to thirteen?

That's bad bidness

Ten dollar genocide is senseless

You wanna be a pharmacist?

All you doin' is harming us

What about Paris Robinson

Medgar Evers and Huey

They kicked you out of Oakland High

Now you cuttin' up your doobie

You'll be the butt of a few jokes

Like Joey Buttafuoco, don't goof up

And let your youth go lil' bro

That's bad business


It's like that huh

Mind your business

Man these niggas be foolish


Mind your business


Mind your business

What's that white shit

You puttin' that in the joint

Mind your business

Aw this nigga's a fiend


Mind your business


Mind your business


Yo, yo now

You sold some kid a O-Z

But it was only, 24 g's

You think that just cause you a O.G.

You can short the youngstas

But who's this fist clinched

With a gat pointed at you damn dude that's bad business

You rollin' with your homie Johnny

In a stolen Mobby

You lookin' slow and groggy

Man get your folks some coffee

You prob'ly ain't trippin' cause you off weed

Then he speed crash now your ass got a broken body

That's bad bidness

Messin' with women with mental problems

Two of my homies got killed like that

They up in some coffins

Stabbed in they sleep

That shit is deep

Prob'ly just got done waxin' they freaks

Peep that's bad business


When your mind is occupied with thoughts

Of misdeeds hopin' you don't get caught

That's bad business

When the truth is obscured

Made impure

The speakers of it aren't sure anymore

That's bad business

When promises are made that you have to break

Spoken in vain for accolades

That's bad business

When you accept a wrong

Instead of correct a wrong

That shit ain't to be slept upon

That's bad business

When ain't no one in the world

You can call a friend

Cuz you done screwed

All of them

That's bad business

When you look into your own eyes

and recognize you've become all that you despise

That's bad business


How much you pay man?

Mind your business

Man these niggas are new



Mind your business


Mind your business

Hey, when'd you get out

Wait, I thought y'all got five years

Mind your business

Man this nigga's a snitch


Mind your business

Somebody's gon' get him

Somebody's gonna get that motherfucker

Mind your business

What you sellin' crack, nigga

Man that shit played out

Mind your business

Yeah this nigga right here is trippin'

Mind your business

Straight slippin'

Mind your business

You's a (futile?) puzzle flashin' tweakin'

Burpin' sighin' peekin'

Dude you're bad business

Man mind your business

Bad business

Fool mind your business

[SOM talking]
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