Souls Of Mischief

Souls Of Mischief - 4th Floor Freaks lyrics

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Repeated: Your shape be...


I got my eyes on you

Visor's cool

Ass be vast it's private school

Imagination pornographic

Memory is photographic why don't you

Turn around

Bend over so I can snag ya


It's your camera

You's a freak

That don't matter

You can be yourself as ya

Spread 'em hold 'em squeeze 'em lick 'em

Heart rate quicken

Salami stiffen

Never caught me slippin'

I get all up in 'em bras

I'm rippin' all these girls are gettin' tossed

Gettin' lost

In a frenzy it's all flimsy (-ex on Remy?)

Genuinely melo-drab

Killer crabs

Recipe for mischief

When I hit it

Standin' up in the doorway

Skip the foreplay

Fuck what the landlord say

I'm straight shake rattle rollin' you controllin' your shake.


If it was up to Plus

Every girl would be voluptuous

With some D double cups

Yeah them double cups they wonderful

Say baby won't you take me to your bungalo on the under though

We don't want no one to know how the slumber go

I got a blunt to blow

If you don't smoke then I'll take it facial

Angels done up and blessed you

Baby you somethin' special

Let me undress you

Baby go in your thong

Make me gain some extra weight cuz somethin' growin' is long for ya

& if your nasty I might even write a song for ya

& all the while I'm thinkin' in my head it's on nigga

Girl you so pretty & you got them tig old bitties I know

You fin a hit me when we rippin' in your city ain't ya

Repeated: Your shape be...
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