Soul Coughing

Soul Coughing - Disseminated

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Once a tin can
           The Goat shat out
           was a Ford Sedan

           Like an eyeball
           Like a square cut
           Like a funny car
           Like a monster truck

           Call up bop and I'm bunting stomach
           Koko mop I chop chunking plummet
           Thud on top, I ate the Chocodile

           And ever since then, I got disseminated
           The Jupiter Moon, I got disseminated
           The Average Man, I got disseminated
           It's a self-fulfilling prophecy

           Toots Hibbert
           At the wrong prom
           Serves a beat down
           On a tom tom

           Like Genius
           Like Dervin
           Like Joseph
           Like Jason.

posted by DJ Freak
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Author: Raymond Scott

Composer: ?

Publisher: Slash Records


Released in: 1996

Language: English

Appearing on: Irresistible Bliss (1996)

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