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Sonic Youth - 6 Albums lyrics

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From: mpc@ursula (Miguel Pupo Correia)
Subject: * LYRICS *

The following information was gathered by Brian Chambers
(DOdGe), using sources such as his Sonic Youth CD collection,
the inner-sleaves accompanying each CD and a book called
The Albums included in this file include:
 Confusion Is Sex
 Bad Moon Rising
 Daydream Nation
Not all the songs from the Albums included have their lyrics
I typed the lyrics as they were written (as I found them),
but I have noticed that some of them seem to be wrong. Some
words have been changed for others, and sometimes complete
lines have been both included and forgotten. BUT, this is the
way they have been released. Also most of the spelling
mistakes found within the lyrics were as they were in their
original sources.
                         - DOdGe


(She's In A) Bad Mood

She's in a bad mood - but I won't fall for it
I believe all her lies - but I can't fall for it

Protect Me You

Protect me from ravagement
I'm ten years old
I don't know what to do
Protect me myself
I'm fourteen
There's nothing to do
Protect me yourself
I'm sixteen
Protect me from starving
I'm eighteen
Protect me you
I don't know what to do
Protect me demons
That come at night
I don't know what they say
Their whispering
Sends the night air away
And makes me forget
I hope they come
Again and again

Shaking Hell

She's finally discovered she's a...
He told her so.
She's a...
Come closer and I'll tell you
I'll take off your dress
Shake off your flesh
Devil may cure
Devil may come
Devil may not
Turn around
Turn around


My body is a past time
my mind is a simple joy
I learn my lesson
The hardest way
But you don't know me
And you don't need me
A complete inhuman

The World Looks Red

Push it away
The world looks red
People with fish eyes
The ground sucks
Walk on my fingertips
Displacing the fog
The weight of my body
is too mush to bear
The memory drained
the life from the dull
An ocean of insects
worked like a sheet
the immovable fact
Buried my mind
in a horse-hair coat
in a pile
on the floor

Confusion Is Next

I maintain that:
Chaos is the future and beyond it is freedom
Confusion is next and next after that is the truth
You got to cultivate what you need to need: Sonic Tooth
Stick your fingers in your mouth
squeeze your tongue and wrench it out
From its ugly fucking cancer root
You got to cultivate what you need to need: Sonic Tooth

Making The Nature Scene

Going back to these origins
The city is a natural scape
order in the details
Confusion uproar in the whole
In nature reality is selection
the tool of critical intervention
Fragmentation is the rule
Unity is not taught in school
You are an unnatural growth
On a funny sunny street
The city has forgotten you
It's symbols of the past
The meaning of its state
Its order of decay
Standing now in columns
making the nature scene
making the nature scene
waiting to make their pay
There is no resistance to
the signs along the way
standing all in columns
waiting to make their pay
making the nature scene
Waiting for the day
There is no resistance to
There is no resistance to
Salvation means to count on you
It just means to count on you
Make the nature scene
Making the nature scene
Making the nature scene
Making the nature scene



Society Is A Hole

Society is a hole
it makes me lie to my friends
it's running down my street
with white powers sneakers
on the beautiful beat of black feet
society is a hole
it beats my friends big heads
my friends have big heads, I can understand it
but I don't recommend it
you got big big hair
and everybody is scared
society is a hole
it makes me lie to my friends
the assault of holy music
there's a slap in my face
my friends are girls wrapped in boys
we're living in pieces
I want to live in peace

I Love Her All The Time

She comes into my mind
twisting thru my nerves
I don't understand a word she says
she's on my side
I love her all the time
I love her all the time
I love her all the time
I love her all the time

Ghost Bitch

Slowly pour the liquid down
for miles and miles it flows along
rose coloured neon lighted
swirl and turn around
feel the touch of my hand
swirl around turn around
fellow shadows black and blue
all around all around
locking arms side by side
crouch down before the fire's light
you're the first day of my life
I had no belief before
until I had this dream last night
I still remember their savage cries
so serious in their rite
faces painted in joyous fright
in the dawns early light
oh say did you see the colour of my eternity
and the sweat on my skin
our founding fathers laid right down
and indian ghost from long ago
they gave birth to my bastard kin
America it is called
a sensation of eternity
locking arms side by side
crouch down before fire's light
you're the first day of my life

Justice is Might

This song is called justice is might
it's about sonik life it's about Lee is free
you have a genius and a sex maniac
living together taking lots of drugs
and fucking all day and you know
it's just like staying at home and risking your life
I know it's wrong
but that is all right
as long as it's strong
it's just that it might
justice is might
justice is might

Death Valley '69

Coming down
Sadie I love it
now now now
Death Valley '69
"You're right, you're right, you're right, you're right"
I was on the wrong track, we're deep in the valley
how deep in the gulley, and now in the canyon
way out in the yonder, she started to holler
I didn't wanna, I didn't wanna, I didn't wanna
but she started to holler do I had to hit it
hit it - hit it - hit it - hit it
deep in the valley in the trunk of an old car
in the back of a Chevy
I got sand in my mouth
and you got sun in your eyes blinded
and you wanted to get there
but I couldn't go faster
it couldn't go faster
so I started to hit it
so I started to hit it - hit it - hit it - hit it
coming down - Sadie I love it
now now now Death Valley '69



Green Light

I kneel before the green light
of her singing crayon eyes
and then I kiss her stomach
and it's then I realize:
her light is the night
I'm not blind, I believe in you
I see a green light


Spinning dreams + angel wings
torn blue jeans + a foolish grin
burning down in the night
so cool + so right
starpower starpower starpower
over me
she knows how to make love to me
she knows how to make love
close my eyes + think of you
everything turns black to blue
starpower starpower starpower
over me

Tom Violence

My violence is a dream
a 'real dream'
a skinny arm
a crush on living sin
my violence
is a sleeping head
nodding out to rising bliss
I left home for experience
carved 'suk for honesty' on my chest
my violence is the number
coming out of prayer
find it in the father
find it in a girl
there's a thing in my memory
hoilding on for dear life
with a feeling of secrets
beating up under my flesh
my tongue is tied
I'm sleeping nights awake
Tom violence is a dream
coming out of a girl

Madonna, Sean and Me  (The crucifixion of Sean Penn)

We're gonna kill the California girls
we're gonna fire the exloading load
in the milk maid maiden head
we're gonna find the meaning
of feeling good
and we're gonna stay together
as long as we think we should
mystery train
three way plane
expressway to yr skull

Shadow of a Doubt

Met a stranger on a train
he bumped right into me
I swear I didn't mean it
I swear it wasn't meant to be
must a been a dream
from a thousand years ago
I swear I didn't mean it
from the bottom of my heart
he was looking all over me
together everafter
he said
"You take me & I'll be you"
"You kill him & I'll kill her"
kiss me
I swear I didn't mean it
I swear it wasn't meant to be
kiss me in the shadow
kiss me in the shadow of a doubt
must a been a dream
kiss me
kiss me in the shadow
kiss me
in the shadow of a doubt

In The Kingdom #19

We move along so quickly on roads going nowhere. I ride
for hours under the spell of the asphalt. Days, and still
end up in the same spot. Inside the same mind.
Same life. Same dreams.
My body seems to move.
My eyes tell me that I move, have motion, and yet my
feet have not left their tracks. I am stable, motionless.
Unable to take another step. Highways are evil, God is
a man standing still, one who knows he is.
What kind of journeis do we expect?
Where can we travel? Some sit complacent,
some rush about to gasp at life.
Can we travel in our minds? With our bodies, in cars,
etc.? Cars blasting through space, unaware of the
natural world, destroying all in their path.
Animals birds cats racoons dogs people all fall before
THE CAR AND DRIVER. Sides of buildings..
The CAR AND DRIVER belong to a different species,
at odds with life. We must learn the secrets of
instantaneous transport.
Transportation systems are ludicrous.
There was a guy, a forever-boy man touched in the head,
who would go around picking up the carcasses of the
dead animals on the highway. So many, so many
unseen from car windows at 60 mph, and he'd take
them off and bury them. That much is clear. The first
time he found one still panting with the breath of life he
took it home with him and, not knowing what else to do,
cared for it. Put a splint on the leg, and bandages. After
awhile there were quite a few that he'd nursed back to
health. Sometimes they left back to the woods, but
mostly they hung around his...the place he lived. He still
went with touched slightly askew reverence to pick up
the dead ones, stiff and cold or red and sticky. It was his
mission. Somehow without words he knew this. Felt it.
Words lead one down certain regular, pre-defined pathways
but they can be constricting.
Words. Logic. Thought.
Reason. Without the words one may have to travel
slower, with a candle in the dark
instead of hi-beams on the interstate.
Where worlds collide...But you move into a different
place without words, a different vision.
He didn't know any of this,
he couldn't think of it,
yet he knew enough to perservere.
With certainty. Unquestioningly. Word-less-ly.
He picked up two one day both living and within half a
mile of each other. The distance between us...
black asphalt hiway recedes...converging at the infinite
horizon. One of them died on the way, in his hands. He
felt neither anger nor remorse, but merely buried it
as he did the others.

Marilyn Moore

Sound asleep till right until day
frustrated desire turns you away
and turns you insane
over and over
you get to a point
to make it disappear
and you're always believing
and believing in fear
over and over
it's always a headache the size of a tour truck
she's full of disorders, depends what you're used to
she's talking of tranches of truncheons in battle
of bruises from bottles that never get better
bad baby bitching she screams at the door
hammer in hand & her head to the floor
Marilyn Moore




I went away to see an old friend of mine
His sister came over she was out of her mind
She said Jesus had a twin who knew nothing about sin
She was laughing like crazy at the trouble I'm in
Her light eyes were dancing she is insane
Her brother says she's just a bitch with a golden chain
Shw keeps coming closer saying "I can feel it in my bones
Schizophrenia is taking me home"
My Future is static
It's already had it
I could tuck you in
And we can talk about it
I had a dream
And it split the scene
But I got a hunch
It's coming back to me

(I Got A) Catholic Block

I got a catholic block
inside my head
I let it go to work
Bring it all back home
It serves you right
And I can motor down
You got to earn yr freedom
Get it on my own
I just live 4ever
There just is no end
I just trust the oppression
Like I trust yr friends
I got a catholic block
Inside my head
I let it play around
Iron to gold
Come back to me awhile
I got a catholic block it's around my head
I got a catholic block and it's blood orange red
I got a catholic block do you like to fuck?
I got a catholic block guess I'm out of luck

Beauty Lies in the Eye

There's something in the air
makes you go insane
brings it back to me
It's been so long
and alls I have to do
is live along
Coming coming down
over me
Do you want to see
the explosions in my eye
Do you want to see
the reflection of
how it used to be
Beauty is in the eyes of anothers dreams
Do you want to see
the explosions in my eye
Do you want to see the
reflection of how it used to be
Beauty Lies

Stereo Sanctity

I'm keeping my commission to faith's transmission
Two speakers dream the same and skies turn red
Satellites flashing down orchard and delancey
I can't get laid cuz everyone is dead
Hey - gold connections
Analog soul waving in yr hair
Hey - hylozoic directions
She's talking blue streaks everywhere
Your spirit is time-reversed to your body
Stereographic mix-up field on field
It started growing up the day your body dies
Only apparently, real to irreal
Hey - stereo stations
Perfect image, kneel down
Hey - hypostatic information
Come on let's hear you turn it around

Pipeline / Kill Time

Stretch me to the point where I stop
Run ten thousand miles and then think of me
I think you know the place we should meet
Don't worry if it's dark and I'm late
Run me out a thin wire
Help me to kill this, love
I'll meet you tonite at the bottom of the well
Just feel around in the dark until you get the idea
I'm not moving doesn't mean I can't
Flame on in my head
My best friend sucked his wife's blood an shriveled up
He was mistaken for sane
We move and groove and cut loose from fear
We should kill time, we'll shut it down
I've got a pipeline straight to the heart of you
Opening in my head
Bright glass on a chair being wound around us
The toiling of idle hands
w guilt
A secret form of punishment
Axes thru skulls
Shadow of futility
Endless / revolt
The shining of light and shadows
Dividing each existance
No-one is right
Nothing is solid
Nothing can be held in my hands for long
Sandy beaches
Bridges sinking into the sea
Beautiful confusion
You're a fading memory
We should kill time

Tuff Gnarl

He's running on a tuff gnarl in his head he's got a fatal
erection home in bed
He's really smart and he's really fast he's got a hard tit
killer fuck in his past
Saints perserve us in hot young stuff the saving grace is a
sonic pig pile
Amazing grazing strange and raging flies are flaring thru
your brains
Spastic flailing literally raising my roof
An adrenal mental man-tool box explodes in music creates
You gnarl out on my nerves you weird and crush the cranking
Flesh dirt forcefield lost and found let's burn your broken
Set our sights on sights not yet set let's scorch your wavo
Let's poke your eyes out

White Cross

Burning inside
(I cross myself
it doesn't help)
because I'm not smart enough
(digging into
hot white)
learning not to lie
(we cross it out
and stay away)
another sonic life

Pacific Coast Highway

Comon get in the car
lets go for a ride somewhere
I won't hurt you
as much as you hurt me
let me take you there
before the sun goes down
comon baby all you have
I wanna take my breathe away
comon baby
just like that, you say
you make me feel so crazy
comon get in the car
lets go for a ride somewhere
you make me feel so good
I won't hurt you
you make me feel so crazy
you make me feel so good

Cotton Crown

Love has come to stay in all the way
its gonna stay forever and every day
it feels like a wish coming true
it feels like an angel dreaming of you
feels like heaven forgiving and getting
feels like we're fading and celebrating
you got a carnal spirit spraying
I'm gonna laugh it up
You got a cotton crown I'm gonna keep it underground
you're gonna take control of the chemistry
and you're gonna manifest the mystery
you got a magic wheel in your memory
I'm wasted in time and I'm looking everywhere
I don't care where
I don't care where
angels are dreaming of you
angels are dreaming of you
New York City is forever kitty
I'm wasted in time and you're never ready
fading fading celebrating
I got your cotton crown



Silver Rocket

Snake in it
jack into the wall
TV amp on fire
blowin' in the hall
gun yr. sled
close yr. peeping toms
turbo organizer
crankin' on the knob
 You got it
 yeh ride yr silver rocket
 can't stop it
 burnin hole in yr pocket
hit the power
psycho helmets on
you got to splice yr. halo
take it to a moon
nymphoid clamor
fuelling up the hammer
you got to fake out the robot
and pulse up the zoom
can't forget the flashing
can't forget the smashing
the sending and the bending
the ampisphere re-entry

Teenage Riot

Everybody's talking about the stormy weather
and what's a man to do
but work whether it's true
looking for man with a focus
and a temper
who can open up a map
and see between one and two
time to get it
before you let it get to you
here he comes now
stick to yr. guns and let him through
everybody's coming from their winter vacation
taking in the sun in a exaltation to you
you come running in on a platform shoes
with Marshall stax
to at least you give us a clue
oh hear it comes
I know it's someone I knew
teenage riot in a public station
gonna fight and tear it up
in a hypernation for you
now I see it
think I'll leave it out of the way
now I come near you
it's not clear why you fade away
looking for a ride to your secret location
where the kids are setting up
a free-speed conation for you
gotta a foghorn
and a drum and a hammer that's rocking
and a cord and a pedal and a lock
that'll do for me now
it better work out
it better work out the way
cuz it's getting kinda quiet
in my city's head
takes a teenage riot
to get me out of bed right now
you better look it
we're gonna shake it up to him
he halts the hero
we paint a zero in his hand
we know it's down
we know it's bound to(o) lo(o)se
everybody's sound is round it
everybody wants to be proud to choose
so who's taking the blame
for the stormy weather
you're never gonna stop
all the teenage leather and booze
it's time to go round
a one man showdown
teach us all how to fall
we're off the streets now
and back on the road now
on a riot trail

The Sprawl

To the extent that I wear skirts
and cheap nylon slips
I've gone native
I wanted to know the exact dimension of hell
does this sound simple?
Fuck you! Are you for sale?
Does 'Fuck you' sound simple enough?
This was the only part that turned me on
but he was candy all over
come on down to the store
you can but some more, and more, and more, and more
I grew up in a shotgun row
sliding down the hill
out front were the big machines
steel and rusty now I guess
outback was the river, and that big sign down the road
that's where it all started
come on down to the store
you can borrow some more
and more, and more, and more

Eric's Trip

I can't see anything at all, all I see is me
that's clear enough
and that's whats important, to see me
my eyes can focus
my brain is talking
looks pretty good to me
my head's on straight, my girlfriend's beautiful
looks pretty good to me
sometimes I speak
tonight there's nothing to say
sometimes we freak
and laugh all day
hold these pages up to the light
see the jacknife inside of the dream
a railroad runs through the record stores at night
coming in for the deep freeze
Mary: a simple word, are you there in the country?
Yr eyes so full, yr head so tight
can't you hear me?
Remember our talk
that day on the phone?
I was the door, and you were the station
with shattered glass and miles between us
we still flew away in the conversation
my cup is full, and I feel okay
the world is dull, but not today
she think's she's a goddess
she says she talks to the spirits
I wonder if she can talk to herself?
If you she bear to hear it
this is Eric's trip
we've all come to watch him slip
he's slipping all the way to Texas
can you dig it?
(Eric says "The sky is blue...")
I see with a glass eye
the pavement view
a shadow forming, across the fields rushing
thru me to you
we tore down the world, and put up four walls
I breathe in the myth
I'm over the city, fucking the future
I'm high and inside yr kiss
we can't see clear
but what we see is a alright
we make up what we cant hear
and then we sing all night
scattered pages and shattered lights
a jacknife and a dream
there's something moving over there on the right
like nothing I've never seen


Look into my eyes, don't you trust me
yr so good you could go far
I'll put you in a movie, don't you want to
you could be a star
you could go far
you've got twistability
you fly hard, don't you wanna
you've got kissability
you could be a star, it ain't hard
yr driving me crazy, I feel so sick
yr driving me crazy, give us a kiss
look into my eyes, don't you trust me
yr so soft, you make me hard
I'll put you on a movie, don't you wanna
you could be a star, you could go far
you've got kissability
you sigh hard, don't you wanna
you've got twistability
you could be a star, it ain't hard
yr driving me crazy, you smell so sick
I feel so tired, you made me sick
yr driving me crazy, if I feel so sick
yr driving me crazy, if I feel so sick

Hey Joni

Hey Joni put it all behind you
hey Joni now I've put it all behind me too
these times can't add up
yr life is such a mess
forget the past, and just say yes
tell me Joni, am I the one to see you through?
In this broken town can you still jack in
and know what to do?
I remember our youth, our high ideasls
I remember you were so uptight
that time in the trees, we broke that vice
we took some steps and now
we can't think twice
tell me Joni, am I right by you?
Tell me how yr gonna lose this hard luck?
Hey Joni, when will all these dreams come true?
You'd better find a way
to climb down off that truck
shots ring out from the center of an empty field
Joni's in the tall grass
she's a beautiful mental jukebox
a sailboat explosion
a snap of electric whipcrack
she's not thinking about the future
not spinning her wheels
she doesn't think at all about the past
she thinking long and hard
about that high wild sound
and wondering will it last?
There's something turning, Joni, turning right to you
my head burns, but I know you'll speak the truth
hey Joni, put it all behind you
hey Joni, now I've put it all behind me too
forget the future
these times are such a mess
tune out the past, and just say yes
it's 1963
it's 1964
it's 1957
it's 1962
put it all behind you
now it's all behind you

The Wonder

See flashing eyes
they're flashing cross to me
burnin up the sky
sunshinin to me
yr locus crown
copkillin heartbeat
head's lookin down
bowin out to the street
I'm just walking around
yr city is a wonder town
lips red to white
lips green in blacked night
yr spirit flares
flarin up leonine
I'm just walking around
yr city is a wonder town
transmitter rhyme
transmitter all the time
lookin up to the sky
I'm seeing ghosts flyin
I'm just walkin around
yr city is a wonder town
I think I been there once before
something tells me there's so much more
she's back in town to even the score
time to go



Dirty Boots

Here we go
to another candle I know
all the girls there play on a jelly roll
time to take a ride
time to take it in a midnite eye
and if you wanna go
get on below
pinking out the day
dreaming out the crazy way
finger on the love
it's all above
everywhere it's six-sex-six by luck
a satellite wish can make it just enough
you be making out with a witch in a coffee truck
time to rock the road
and tell the story of the jelly rollin'
dirty boots are on
hi de ho
pinking out the black
dreaming in a crack
Satan got her tongue
now it's undone
dirty boots
got some dirty boots
dirty boots baby
yeh dirty boots

Tunic (Song for Karen)

Dreaming dreaming of a girl like me
hey what are you waiting for
feeding feeding me
I feel like I'm disappearing
getting smaller every day
I look in the mirror
I'm bigger in every way
 she said you aren't never going anywhere
 I ain't never going anywhere
I'm in heaven now, I can see you Richard
goodbye Hollywood, goodbye downey, hello Janis
hello Dennis, Elvis, and all my brand new friends
I'm so glad you're here with me
until the very end
dreaming dreaming of how it's supposed to be
and now this tunic's spinning
around my arms and knees
I feel like I'm disappearing
getting smaller every day
but when I open my mouth to sing
I'm bigger in every way
hey mom look I'm up here
I finally made it
I'm playing the drums again too, don't be sad
the band doesn't sound half bad
and I remember mom, what you said
you said honey you look so underfed
another green salad, another ice tea
there's a tunic in the closet waiting just for me
I feel like I'm disappearing
getting smaller every day
but I look in your eyes
and I'm bigger in every way
goodbye Richard, gotta go now
I'm finally on my own
the band's got a big
keep the love lights glowing
little girl's got the blues, I can still hear mom say
honey don't let it go to your head

Mary Christ

Talking to a punker priest
just dogging the breeze
about beein in a tree
(he says it's free now!)
along comes Mary Christ
skating light on ice
sand says, 'let's go on high'
(later, priestoid!)
gotta go
God I got a date now
yeh I know
shall not be late now
possessed by x-ray eyes
her spirit spy's
into my lies
(let's burn 'em out now!)
wraps my head in skin
says now I'm in
dig the candy skin
(yeh spit it out now!)
she sings that low song
I know I'm right/wrong
angel in a devil skirt
buys me a shirt
says I hope you like
(uh, like what now!?)
hope I hope you like
like you like yr hope
with the tightest rope
(I see, I know now!)
here we go
I've been waitin so long
yeh I know
for Mary to come along

Cool Thing

Cool Thing sittin' with a kitty
now you know you're sure lookin' pretty
superboy take a chance here
 don't wanna, I don't think so
 don't wanna, I don't think so
Cool Thing let me play with your radio
move me, turn me on, baby-o
I'll be your slave, give you a shave
Man: yeah, tell'em about it, hit'em where it hurts
Woman: hey, Cool Thing, come here, sit down beside me.
       There's something I go to ask you. I just wanna know,
       what are you gonna do for me?
       I mean, are you gonna liberate us girls from male
       white corporate oppression?
Man: tell it like it is!
Woman: huh?
Man: yeah!
Woman: don't be shy
Man: word up!
Both: fear of a female planet?
Man: fear, baby!
Woman: I just want to know that we can still be friends
Man: let everybody know
Come on, come on, come on, come on
Cool Thing, Cool Thing
when you're a star, I know you'll fix everything
now you know you're sure lookin' pretty
rock the beat just a little faster
now I know you are the master
Cool Thing walkin' like a panther
come on and give me an answer
Cool Thing walkin' like a panther
what he say?


When you see the spiral turning for you alone
and you feel so heavy that you just can't stop it
when this sea of madness turns you into stone
a picture of your life shoots like a rocket
all the time
put 'me' in the equation it's alright
I've seen you moving in and out of sight
my friends tell me it's all cut through you
from nowhere to nowhere
cut together cutting through
I'm island-bound, a mote inside my eye
I can't see you breathing as before
I am airless, a vacuum child
I can't stand to reason at your door
in this time
if broken bottles shine like jewells
if this decision points to you
if what you say is ever true
then I'll be fine...
if there's a heart to hide in
if there's a rip in this time
if there's a day that lasts
then I'll be fine...
when the seasons circle sideways out of turn
and words don't speak
just fall across the carpet
you're just in time to watch the fires burn
it seems a crime but yr. face is brigh
you love it
all the time...
I'm down in the daytime out of sight
comin' in from dreamland I'm on fire
I can see it's all been here before
dream a dream that lies right at your door



Lee #2

Thom these days I feel so displaced
nothing feel like anything
there's no room left in this place
I've left my whole life standing
nwo I feel so right
and I can't stop dreaming
now I feel okay
with these thoughts all streaming
now I feel like an angel
grown my own swt of wings
all the boys are one room dipped in time
and girl you're off in the wind
nwo I feel so right
and I can't stop dreaming
now I am the light
that's what I'm feeling
now I feel like an angel
with dark eyes shining
now the world has come undone
no bells are chiming
I'm trying to see this through
to see from me to you
but you can't see me at all
no, you can't
I can't stop this now
no, no that's not what I want
and I can't be the one
to calm you down
Thom these days I feel so displaced
everything here is just televsion
and I'm left off without a trace
of the strength of our vision
this dim-lit reason
twilight rhytm
this infinite season
the big decisions...


Sonic Youth Discography: (pre-Dirty)

Sonic Youth                    (Neutral)                 1982
Confusion Is Sex               (Neutral)                 1983
Kill Your Idols  - mini LP     (Zensor)                  1983
Bad Moon Rising                (Homestead)               1984
Evol                           (SST)                     1986
Sister                         (SST)                     1987
Master Dik                     (SST)                     1988
Daydream Nation  - 2 LP        (Blast First)             1988
Goo                            (DGC)                     1990
Dirty                          (DGC)                     1992
Whores Moaning - EP (Austrlian)(DGC)                     1993
Death Valley '69               (Homestead)               1985
Flower                         (Homestead)               1986
Starpower                      (SST)                     1986
Into The Groove(y)             (New Alliance)            1986
Teenage Riot                   (Blast First)             1989
Candle                         (Blast First)             1989
Into The Groove(y)             (Blast First)             1989
Kool Thing                     (DGC)                     1990
Disappearer                    (DGC)                     1990
Dirty Boots                    (DGC)                     1991

Sonic Death                    (SST)                     1987

Goo                            (DGC)                     1991

Death Valley '69  |  Brave Men Run                       1984
(Over)Kill Yr. Idols: Nature Scene  |  I Killed
  Christgau                                              1985
Flower  |  Rewolf                                        1986
Starpower  |  Bubblegum                                  1986
Into The Groove(y)  |  Burning Up                        1986
Expressway To Yr. Skull  |  Nature Scene                 1988
I Wanna Be Your Dog  |  Sister                           1988
Silver Rocket  |  You Pose You Lose  |  Non Metal Dude   1988
Touch Me I'm Sick  |  B-Side: Mudhoney                   1989
Teenage Riot                                             1989
Teenage Riot Flexi                                       1989
Providence  |  Providence (mono)                         1989
Warpower: Teenage Riot  |  Warpower                      1989
Silver Rocket  |  B-Side: Miracle Workers                1989
All Fall Down: Pouche Rumble  |  Psycho Mafia  |  My New
  House                                                  1990
Speak No Evol: Ghost  |  Beard  |  Chicken Feed  |
  Clippers                                               1990
Expressway To Yr. Skull  |  Nature Scene                 1990
Hallowed Be Thy Name  |  Come And Smash Me               1990
Kool Thing  |  That's All I Know                         1990
Kool Thing  |  Interview - flexi                         1990
Interview - flexi                                        1990
Kooler Thing: Bookstore (Mote)  |  Lee 2  |  Dirty Boots 1990

BOOTLEGS: (Obviously not all of them):
Walls Have Ears  - 2 LP                                  1986
Sonic Mania O Brothers  - LP                             1987
The Horizon  - LP                                        1987
Live In Germany  - LP                                    1987
Brother James  - 10"                                     1987
Moo - LP                                                 1989
4 Tunna Brix  - 12"                                      1990
Killer Kills It All  - LP                                1990
Hold That Tiger  - LP                                    1991
Live In Heaven  - CD                                     1991
Dirty Live  - LP                                         1992

Fast'n Bulbous: Electricty
Communicate Live At The Thames Poly - Kill Your Idols (live)
Emma - Brother James (live)
St. Pepper Knew My Father - Within You Without You
Love Doll Superstar - Hallowed By The Name
NME Hat Trick - White Cross (live)
Chemical Imbalance - Marilyn Moore (live)
Impact (audio edit) - I love Her All The Time (live)
Good Feeling - Catholic Block (live)
Hits & Corruption - World Looks Red (live)
Speed Trials - Dig This
There's a Diamond Hidden - Halloween
Plow - Death Valley '69 (version)
Melting Pot - I Am Right (1 & 2)
Sound Blasts 2 - Silver Rocket
Sub Pop 100 - Kill Yr Idols
A Bridge - Computerage
Total War - Come And Smash Me | He's On Fire | Magic
  Wand | ***
Devil's Jukebox - Come And Smash Me | Magic Wand | ***
Smiles, Vibes & Harmony - I Know There's An Answer
Every Band Has Shonen Knife - Burning Farm
Vera Groningen - Broken Eye
You Bet We've Got Something Against You - World Looks Red


Miguel Pupo Correia  --> Portugal

Indonesians are killing innocent people in East Timor.
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Language: English

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