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(feat. KC)


You Are My Queen, I Am Your King

We Fit Like Puzzles Do

You Got My Back, I Got Your Back

In Anything We Do

In Any Situation, We Come To Equal Truths

You Are My Queen, I Am Your King

Lets Do It Lovers Do

[Verse 1:]

You My One And Only

The One Girl I Can Call My Homie

The One Who Rilly Know Me

And Yeah You The One Who Showed Me

What It Felt Like Not To Be Lonely

You Will Never Act Foney

If I Break Down You There To Told Me

You Always Have A  Heart Like A Pair Of Chloe's

With Your Figure So Curvy Not Flat Like My Sony

You The One Girl That I Be Making Love Slowly

We Hold Each Other Down Like Bobby And Whitney

Fuck Around And We Might Get Married Like Britney

Like A Size 12 Shoe You Perfectly Fit Me

If Im Locked Up In Jail You Post Bail And Get Me

We Go Together Like Queens And Kings 

Yangs And Yings The Same Like Thang And Things

See I Think We Make A Beautiful Team

Thats Why Im There For You

Through The Summer Fall Winter Or Spring

[Verse 2:]

You Are The Blood That Pumps My Heart I Do Anything For Ya

Turn Rain To Sun You Are The One I Knew When I First Saw Ya

The Love That We Be Making 

Keeps Me Hard Like Gum In Water

Thats Why You Wifey You Just Like Me 

I Cop Nikes For Ya

And You Aint Gotta Say A Word

A Girl Like You I Dont Deserve 

You Stuck By Me By Through Lock Up Fuck Ups

That I Had With Birds

Your Friends Telling You Kick Me To The Curb

Im A Better Man Thats My Word

Im Ready To Show You The World

And Eat In Italy Party In Saint Tropez

Hit Sicily And Jamaica The Next Day

My Love Dont Cost A Thing For You Aint No Layaway

[Verse 3:]

So All I Ask Is To Be Understading

And Put Up My Road Trips So You Cant Stand Them

I Might Holla At Some Broads But You Know How A Man Get

You Still Root For Me While Im Playing Madden

So Let Me Stop Ramblin

Look You Make Me Full Like Takin My Vocals And Pannin Them

And You Light Up My Life Like Atlanta

Thats Why When Im With You Im A Gentleman With Manners

And If Something Jumpoff You All Alone

You Know To Hit Me On The T-Mobile Phone

I Know To Hit You If A Problem Arose

You Know Where To Go If Your Feelin Freaky Your Toy Dont Work No Moe

But Wait You Dont Use It Anyway

Cuz Im Tryin To Make Your Period Late

So Im There From Leno To Matt Lauer Brings In Today

You My Queen Cant Nobody Take That Away
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