Sly And The Family Stone

Sly And The Family Stone - Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself bass tab

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ok, gotta get the hang of it to play it right, but this is it:

* will be thumb slap
+ will be pulled string (or popped or whatever)
aHb means u play the 'a' note, and then hammer ur finger on the neck to play the 'b' note
    without actually stroking the string (basically hammer on)
a/b will mean slide from a to b

there we go


from there the riff just repeats itself

further explanations:
*the last group or four notes (13/14 and 12/13) just means ur holding down
  the 12 and 13 and u slide both up to 13 and 14 (one note higher)
*the sliding bit only looks complicated: u slide down to around the 4th fret
  from the 12th and immediatly play the A string open then hammering the 4th and
  sliding up one note and back down to the 4th real quick and then immediately strike
  the E string open. takes a bit of practice but well worth it :)

good luck, heres my email if u need even more explanations or if u think
this is wrong:
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