Slim Dusty

Slim Dusty - A Drover's Life

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As I write this little story, I may be feelin' blue,

For the swag is wet and sodden and the fly has blown in 


The rain is comin' heavy and the wind is very chill,

And I sometimes feel like howling, with the dingo's on 

the hill.

There's a joke that comes from memory, it was written 

long ago,

"The drovers life has pleasures that the townsfolk 

never know"

When you're sitting on a night horse, on a dark and 

stormy night,

You see the white horns glis'n in the lightning's 

silvery light. (oh yeah)


The thunder clashes 'round you and you're soakin' to 

the skin,

Tonguing for some nicotine for you've done y'ur tobacco 


You sit out there and wonder, if they jump which way 

they'll go.

Yeah the drover's life has pleasures that the townsfolk 

never know.

Oh they say it must be thrilling, out beneath the 

desert stars,

When your only sole companions just a mob of mad 


And when you eat the babblers browning, oh, it's best 

to close your eyes,

For it's hard to tell the diff'rence between the 

currants and the flies.

(Thats right now)


When the feed is very scanty and the water hole is dry,

The squatter's sittin' on ya back, it's enough to make 

you cry,

When you battle down a dusty stake to a bore that's 

broken down,

Or a tank shot full of bullet holes by yokels from the 


Oh they wonder why you hit the grog and curse their 

lousy station,

Why many a man has cut his throat, in sheer 


So you reckon that you'll chuck it in an' give 

something else a go,

Yeah the drover's life has pleasures that the townsfolk 

never know.

Oh I sometimes rather doubt it, but then I wouldn't 


They say this life has pleasures that the townsfolk 

never know. 

(oh yeah)

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