Skinny Puppy

Skinny Puppy - Grave Wisdom

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wasted greed taints water thirst dream
the asphalt burial daylight meltdown long
gone death grabs at stillborn child another
low test pesticide not until they are dead
believe in words ataching dread no meaning
color world of different levels no chance
to rectify nightmare running races skyward
tower boil black water tea contagious
waste disposal growing blind faith a tragedy
propigate safe history
creatures running underground all the
cages rusted displaced food bowls empty now
fit for the licking faces form memory
blind faith stupidity races run secretly
blind faith a tragedy not until they are
dead stop breathing fleas attach themselves
biting bits of flesh consuming w???
once hated words are shit contract???we


treason trapping animal hide in the vision of
paradise two explains your head deranged time
spun web deluded of life wicked black witch lady
localize intelligensia go write a book to cry in
face it lost that look survivals hard enough fading
fire climbing higher time to realize that im on
fire patience sun the lord looks over who
covers in the watchtower freeze arm scraping
inches the vein blind distracted the worshipping
metal point a scraping hole forever breaking
in out temper test bottom so vile
faded higher why you liar
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Nettwerk


Released in: 1990

Language: English

Appearing on: Too Dark Park (1990)

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