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[Verse 1:]
I cusses you out I call you names I threaten you
I even call dem peoples but dat don't faze you
But when you do me some man I'm breakin down
I'm in my house soo depress while u creepin aroung
I can say I'm not thinkin bout you don't want be bother with u
Get the hell out my face I'm soo throught with u
But I'm be lyin to you u know I'll take u back
I need self control I don't know how to act
U messes ova me you treat me like [? ] sissy I try to tell
My friend but they don't even wanna listen I'm on
Talk shows callin up the radio
Textin everybody lettin know u a dog hoe
I'm tryin to find words just to hit yo nevers
I'm tryin to drive u up the wall but it's always reverse
You got me break- ing down and um

Y can't I hurt you like you hurt me?
Y you trying to mess ova dis sissy
Y you never answer when I'm callin yo line
If you supose to be my boy
Y we don't spend time
Y can't I hurt you like you hurt me
You got me break- ing down

[Verse 2:]
I calls ypo fone you hangs up I back
You hang I call right back
But when you call me I answers
On the first ring being in love
Is such a stupid. I catch you
I catch you with hoes you say
They just freinds bruth
They just freinds bruth?
They just freinds bruth!?
I'm lookin at this nigga like I wish u die bruth
Do you really know the damage dat you do to my heart
Way deep down inside I'm just fallin apart cause you wanna
Play the field I'm trying to make a mill I'm tryin to make it happen
Out here doing dis rappin
Is you laughtin at me
Is I'm silly to you
S you laughtin at me
Is I'm silly to you
You got me break- ing down and um


[Verse 3:]
I'm in yo face I'm blowin on I'm callin yo whole family up
Tellin all of dem the truth. I don smash yo car windows
Broke yo damn jar .I don took shit in my hands motherfuck
The laws .did yo best friend just to make you mad even did a little xtra
Just to make you sad. now I feel soo glad yea I feel soo glad
And when you ask me for some I told you you use yo hand
Got you fire from work now yo pockets hurt
Bleach all yo clothes dat you got from dem hoes
Broke yo cell fone shot up yo home. told dem hoes you got
A diesase stay away from he. did eveything cause you hurted me and all you did was sit back
And laught at me
Dats hot

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