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I can't think of a time, you fooled us all.

Calm down, guilt smiles right back at you.

All in, you have lost your first bluff.

Days pass, but its not in writing.

Lost nights keep me waiting.

On time,(old lies), for style, (flailing).

Whatever you decide will go.

Odd takedown. Check your six before you move.

Who's fake now? You are all the same.

Lonely Roses, growing with or with you.

(I can't think of a time you fooled us all.)

All it needed was time, TIME! I said,

I hope we fight the right side.

Hidden objects go blind, Blind!

Set no more spatial timed mines!

They kept trying!

She's already made her choices,

I'm just left to starve,

Suns are setting, time is drowning in these tears of ours.
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